Posted by: digibirder | January 5, 2010


365:5 Let it snow

Well, I think the images over the next few days are going to be along a similar theme, as we’ve had more snow today than I’ve seen in a long time. It was snowing when we awoke this morning, and it’s gone on, and on, and on, all day. I think there must be at least six inches (in old money).

We ran out of milk this morning and the village shop had no stock either, so we carried on walking to the next village where there is a Sainsbury’s local store. Luckily they had some in stock, plus a few other things we needed. In all we were out about two hours. We didn’t want to risk it in the car, as the roads were pretty bad. Cars were sliding all over the place. I quite enjoyed it actually, even though my legs were aching when we got back. I thought I’d  take along the compact camera in order to get today’s image, as I didn’t want to be struggling along with a big camera for the distance we had to walk.

Here are some bonus images from our trek:

As I took this photo a couple of Fieldfares took off from above my head

The pub car park

Almost home

More berries in a local hedgerow

And this was the scene when we arrived back home

Compared to this morning before it started to come down thick and fast
(also compare this to image 3)

So, tomorrow’s image will have to be something similar, or else I will have to scout around the house to find something for a still life or macro or abstract. In other words, I will have to think seriously about this! I knew this project would test me.


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