Posted by: digibirder | January 4, 2010


365:4 Icy waterfall

We decided we’d had enough of four walls so we went out in the cold afternoon air to get some exercise and some photos. Cannon Hall near Barnsley was the place we chose, partly because we had never been there before. There is no charge to go in as it’s a museum, which is good in our current situation, but there was a small charge to park the car. There are numerous walks around the parkland, and a couple of interesting waterfalls, one of which forms the image for day 4 of the 365 project.

There are other interesting things to do there, such as a gift shop and a farm shop, where we bought some bacon and sausages. The tea room was open but we didn’t go in. We continued our walk around the park until it became very cold and was turning a little dark. I think we’ll pay a visit again sometime.

Some other images from the walk:

The land surrounding the great house was a deer park and this is a deer shelter – a very ornate building for such a basic purpose. The roof of the central part is supported by Yew tree trunks.

A couple of abstract close-ups of the wood of the supports

View over the parkland from in front of the house/museum



  1. the waterfall would look ok in b&w

    • Yes, I did desaturate it a little to see what it would look like, but brought it back up a bit. It’s almost b&w anyway – there’s not much colour in it.

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