Posted by: digibirder | December 20, 2009

Bad week!

Well, I was unsuccessful in getting an interview for the job I applied for the other week, and I also failed with another job I applied for last week. And to top it all, the company Keith and I worked for are now going into liquidation and all the staff have been made redundant! So the job hunting now has to step up a gear or two. We’ve seen this coming for some time, which is why I was looking for another job. We thought our hours might be cut to half-time, but finishing altogether was always in the back of our minds.

I had some annual leave remaining, so I finished on Friday but Keith is going in for a while tomorrow to clear up one or two things and pick up some personal items. Some of the ecology staff are forming a break-away company, and Keith might be joining forces for some research work with his line manager. He’ll know more in January. I don’t know what I’ll be doing after the holidays. The company will not have enough assets to pay us the redundancy money, so we’ll have to get that from the government. How long this will take I have no idea.

It feels a little strange, as we had booked some extra days of over the Christmas period, so at the moment it seems as if we are on an extended holiday, but I suppose reality will hit in the New Year. I’ve registered with some online agencies and uploaded my CV so we’ll see what happens.

We went into Sheffield on Saturday and we popped into the office to pick up some personal belongings. We have been intending to have a go on the giant wheel in the city centre, so we thought now would be a good time to have a ride. I took the Canon A95 with me rather than the D-SLR, but I do want to go back at night when it’s all lit up. Not quite in the same league as the London Eye, but enjoyable all the same. Some good views over the city centre and to the countryside beyond.

The Town Hall

The sprawl of Park Hill Flats – now being renovated

We’ve had a bit of snow over the past couple of days, but nothing too drastic. I managed to get to the camera club Christmas party on Thursday, but I did have a bit of a slide along one road that hadn’t been gritted. It cleared a little and then we had another light covering on Saturday. Today we decided to go out for some fresh air, as we haven’t been out for a few weekends. We didn’t want to go too far, as there was more snow forecast. We decided to go down to Old Moor RSPB reserve. After a bacon buttie in the café we wandered onto the reserve. Unfortunately, we didn’t see many birds as the lakes were mostly frozen over. The Feeder Garden was the most productive, with finches, tits and sparrows dashing to and fro. Highlight was a lovely Bullfinch.

There was some blue sky around, but very gradually the sky became a bit more overcast and flakes of snow came falling as we walked back to the car. By the time we set off it was a white-out. We had to call at a shop to pick up a few groceries and by the time we got home the roads were becoming very slushy. A car was struggling to get up the access road into our estate. Keith went to help but they ended up abandoning it. Luckily there was room for us to get past. This morning the garden had a thin layer of snow on the plants. When we returned it was a winter wonderland.

I opened the kitchen door and took this from just inside the doorway. You might just be able to see the streaks of snow falling. We then shut the door and got warmed up with a nice cup of tea.

I think we might be off out somewhere later in the week, seeing as we now have a bit of spare time on our hands!!



  1. its a bummer isn’t it. lets hope it is for the best. nice pics you can our snow if you like

  2. Rotten luck for you both… let’s hope something good will be just around the corner for you.

    Cracking pictures as usual; what wonderful views.

  3. That’s really tough luck. Still at least you have the cv done and have got into the applications….talons crossed for you both now.

    Have an enjoyable time over the Christmas period – then get on with the applications in the New Year – most places wind down anyway for the next couple of weeks.

    That photography skill might come in very useful.

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