Posted by: digibirder | November 29, 2009

Another day inside

As predicted, today was a complete washout. It did look a little brighter later in the day, but the dark clouds soon returned. I decided to colour my hair this morning, and then spent the day sorting out more of my photos. I also spent some time looking into other jobs and income ideas.

I have been considering brushing up my photographic skills in order that I might be able to earn a crust as a photographer, even if only part time. I’m not sure how long this will take, or which avenues it will lead me down, but at camera club last week we had a practical night with a selection of models, so I had a chance to try out my portrait techniques (or lack thereof). It was a little off-putting having someone staring down the lens at me, and I certainly didn’t have the courage to instruct the models to strike different poses, as some of the more skilled members did, but I don’t think my efforts were too bad for a beginner.



  1. Nice portrait photo’s! Good luck with brushing up your skills 🙂

  2. Excellent opportunity and great results. That’s something I’d like to know more about. Did you have ‘studio’ lighting as I’m assuming you didn’t use flash?

    • Thank you Tricia. Yes, we did have some specialist studio lighting and backdrop.

  3. oh and I think I’d be a little disconcerted being ‘looked at’ 😀

  4. Excellent!

  5. Always said you should do more in the photographic field!

    Weddings are a nice earner if you can get started.

    Talons crossed for your adventures in the photo scene.

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