Posted by: digibirder | November 28, 2009

Stuck in again!

Today dawned very misty and damp, and tomorrow doesn’t look much better, so it’s another weekend in for us. Never mind, at least I can get more job hunting done.

It’s getting rather crazy at work at the moment. There is talk we may be on half-time next month, and for an unknown length of time beyond that, to give the company chance to recover a little. We have a big meeting next week to talk about it. It doesn’t really help that both of us work for the same employer. We are making some arrangements to cut down the mortgage payments for a few months, and we will just have to try and cut back on other things and try and budget a bit better.

We tried one of the budget supermarkets this morning, Aldi. We did fill the trolley up with some extras, which we normally do anyway, but it did appear to be quite a bit cheaper than our normal weekly shop. They don’t sell many ‘luxury’ items, but we got the basics and we shouldn’t be buying luxury items anyway. We might try one of the others next week – Lidl and Netto. They are all of the “pile-’em-high-and-sell-’em-cheap” variety.

It’s closing date for the job I’ve applied for, so I might hear something this coming week and hopefully get an interview. A colleague told me about another job yesterday, so I’m going to have a go at that one as well, in case the first one falls through. I think my CV is up to a reasonable standard now, although you can never really tell with these things, so I am also going to upload it to a few job websites. I may also look into other income streams, such as photo agencies and other online marketing techniques.

You may or may not have noticed a new link in my blogroll in the right-hand column. Keith’s decided to enter the blogosphere with his grumpy look at life. He’s a real complainer sometimes, always shouting at other drivers (from the safety of our car, of course), always complaining about the use and misuse of the English language, and a host of other issues too numerous to mention. So I kept telling him he should let off steam on a blog. Today he decided to pen his first post. Do give him a look and comment if you wish, whether you agree or disagree with his rants.

Anyway, not much to report today, and dinner is being prepared so I’ll go and help (or hinder) and pour a glass of the el-cheapo-plonko we bought this morning. I will report on the quality in due course, should I survive!



  1. its a horrid situation at present. LIDL’s does have the odd good thing in it, Dad goes therer from time to time.

    I look for BOGOF offers đŸ˜€

    good luck with the search

    • We usually look for BOGOF or other offers. The Co-op, where we usually go, is good value, but we thought we’d try to go even lower. We might not need to do so, of course, if I get this new job.

  2. There seem to be many offers in the various shops at present. Lidl’s and Aldi have some good prices and between the two of them… Today I saw a ready meal in Tesco’s that was DEARER than M&S and Sainsburys. Think their prices are rising.,

    Good luck with the job hunting; not an easy time at the moment I know…

    • We tend not to use Tesco – it is quite expensive as well as the fact that we don’t want to encourage them in their World Domination quest!

      I feel a little more encouraged about the job hunting now that I have managed to get my CV in order. At least I think I have. I suppose you can never tell what an employer thinks of it.

  3. oh check the reduced section!! you can get some real bargains. i do!!

  4. Good Luck with the job hunting, not an easy time at the moment.

    Glad Keith is onto the blog !

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