Posted by: digibirder | November 23, 2009

The calm between the storms

The weekend before last, in that short window of one nice day among the really awful days we’ve had recently, we went on another walk. We were going to head for the coast, but decided to keep it fairly local, and only a shortish walk as we were both a bit weary for some reason. I thought I was coming down with a cold but it didn’t seem to come to much in the end.

We parked at Wentworth village and walked around the surrounding farmland and countryside belonging to Wentworth Woodhouse. It’s really nice that there is somewhere close by where we can get a decent walk and some fresh air without travelling for miles, even though we usually do go dashing here, there and everywhere.  Even though this was a ‘proper’ walk I still took my camera, but with only one lens.

Well, this was before we set off, obviously. We spotted this Sparrowhawk while eating our breakfast and I dashed for the camera. Amazingly it was still there when I returned, although it’s only a record shot as it refused to turn round and it was taken through dirty double glazing.

Here are a few of the  sights along the way.

A weir that ran under an old stone bridge and flowing into a small lake

Looking back over the Wentworth grounds

Walking through a wood I noticed this backlit group of leaves

Interesting field patterns – also spotted a flock of Redwings circling round

One of the lakes on the Wentworth estate

One of the many follies on the estate – and a bit of autumn colour

The grounds surrounding the house used to be a deer park and there are still some deer to be seen today

This past weekend we hardly moved from the house. We had today off work and we were supposed to be making a plan of action to get out of our current jobs, but I spotted a job that I really needed to apply for so I’ve spent most of my time off updating my CV. I think I have it to my liking now, so I will have another look at it tomorrow and then send it off by email. Closing date is Friday. I will divulge the job details if I am successful. Suffice to say I am keeping everything crossed. If I don’t succeed at least the CV is in a fit state to send to other prospective employers, or to post to various job sites.


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