Posted by: digibirder | November 14, 2009

Done and dusted

I now have the new hard drive in and all necessary programmes installed and I am more-or-less back to normal again – albeit with a few glitches to sort out along the way. Computers don’t always do as you ask them!

We decided to use up some annual leave this week and had Thursday and Friday off work. I’ve also got Monday off. This has enabled me to get a little work done around the house and have some extra time to carry on sorting out my photos. I’m still not sure which editing programme to use and I am struggling to get a decent ‘workflow’. I thought I would convert from RAW using Picture Window and then move to Photoshop CS2 for the remainder of the process, but when I tried to install CS2 I deleted the keygen by mistake (‘cos it was a version given to me – naughty!) and now I cannot install it at all. I then downloaded the trial PS Elements 7 again to try that. I quite like the RAW conversion process, but I HATE the organiser part. It took me ages to figure it out, but it’s not very user-friendly, so I downloaded a trial of a programme called ACDSee Photo Manager. I’ve had ACDSee editor on the PC before, which I bought from a computer fair (probably also bootlegged), but it’s an older version and won’t read the new RAW format of the 40D. This made the process much easier – view the images in ACDSee then open in Elements for RAW conversion and further editing. I will go with this for now, but will have to purchase both programmes if I want to continue to use them.

Anyway, I can now post some images from recent trips. A couple of weeks ago we went up to the Yorkshire Dales and walked the Ingleton Waterfall Trail. I’ve been wanting to do this walk for some time. On arrival at the car park, we decided to sample a scone and a  cup of tea in the café before setting off on the walk. It was quite a pleasant day, so warm clothing was not required – surprising for October. Also, walking up and down all the steps alongside the waterfalls kept us hotter than we would have liked! I know I’ve been a bit mad on waterfalls lately, so I’ll only post a few.





IMG_0577Thornton Force at slow shutter speed
(notice the people standing behind the falls)

IMG_0580And at fast speed to freeze the water

IMG_0596There were a few of these viewing platforms, which were a little disconcerting, to say the least!

IMG_0597But sometimes the rewards were worth it – not seen unless you walked out onto the platforms

On Thursday, as it was a nice morning, we headed off into the Peak District. I’ve given up on trying to get some autumn colour this year, so this was going to be more for a good walk than a photographic trip, although the camera did come with me just in case. We parked in Castleton and started the walk along the Limestone Way in Cavedale, which begins round the back of Peveril Castle. This was quite a steep pull and strewn with rocks. There was also a mini river flowing down the path, making some of the rocks quite slippery.

IMG_0603A short way along the path with the castle on the hilltop

IMG_0607Looking uphill

IMG_0611A little further uphill

IMG_0612Another rest!

IMG_0613Onwards and upwards

IMG_0617On the very tops you get a wonderful view – Win Hill in the distance

It then started to look like rain was coming on, so we cut the walk short and headed back to the car.

IMG_0620A small patch of autumn colour just below Peveril Castle

We didn’t go out of the house at all yesterday, and today I’ve been finishing off photo editing and Keith is sorting out his music files. It was forecast to be quite blustery and wet, but it hasn’t been quite as bad as predicted. Good job, too, as I didn’t want the water to be leaking into the kitchen again! If tomorrow looks OK we might venture out again, but not too sure where yet.



  1. Great waterfall pictures! Awesome!

  2. lovely pics db. whats the yellow in the waterfall?

    • Thanks. The yellow is staining from the surrounding peat landscape.

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