Posted by: digibirder | November 8, 2009

Getting there!

I was a little wary about using Partition Magic, following my disaster with it at work a few weeks ago, but I managed to get the new hard drive divided into three partitions OK, and also set up my email and the network, but I haven’t started loading any programmes yet. This morning’s task was to reconnect the old hard drive and transfer all the data across, but when I booted up it booted into the old hard drive. I think there’s something wrong in the BIOS setup, but I couldn’t figure out what. Anyway, I managed to get a boot menu up and finally got the system to boot into the new drive. I can now see the files on the old drive, so they are now copying over to the new drive. Once that is all done I can format the old drive and it should be OK as a backup drive and hopefully the system will boot into the new drive without any problem.

I did do a stupid thing the other day, which is not a huge problem as the old drive will soon be formatted. When we bought this computer (from a computer fair) I didn’t get the original Windows XP disc, nor did I get a recovery disc (the minimum you should insist on). I usually do insist on an original disc, but because it was so cheap and well-specced, I decided to go ahead. I knew that I could get a disc at a later date and install the OS again if anything went wrong. Of course, I never got round to this until now, but the other day I decided to run a Windows update and by mistake I downloaded the Windows Genuine Advantage which promptly told me that my version of Windows was not genuine! What a surprise. I ahd suspected this for some time, as I have had issues with Media Player not behaving nad being unable to get updates for it. A jolly good job I’d planned to do this upgrade. Once the update had finished, the desktop went black and also had a nag-screen reminding me of my error. I could still use the computer, but it certainly needed sorting out.

While I was at it with the computers, I thought I’d get this laptop sorted out as well. It had Vista Business on, but was sold as a dual-boot system with a choice of also having XP Pro. Having done this before on an old computer, I assumed I would get a screen at boot-up where I could select which OS to boot to, but in fact it was only Vista loaded and to get XP involved using the ‘downgrade’ CD and installing XP and wiping Vista off altogether. I left it to begin with to see what Vista was like, but decided to do the downgrade last weekend. It’s now much quicker to start up and to operate. Wish I’d done it much sooner. Vista was not well-liked, apparently.

We managed to get a workout done this morning, although it was hard work, having not been as diligent about it for a little while. I think we’ll soon get back on track, though.

More later when new drive is operational.



  1. the techies at work say 7 is much lighter than vista. there is even a version of 7 for netbooks!!

  2. I’ve got Vista on my laptop and still don’t like it. Windows XP on PC is great still! I’d be interested to try 7 though….

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