Posted by: digibirder | November 7, 2009

Here I am!

Still trying to keep up, as you can probably tell! Somehow I don’t have the same hours in a day as everyone else and keep lagging behind. Still, I shouldn’t keep on about it. I will just post when I can and my news will just have to be old. I will try not to make it too old, though.

We went out last weekend, but I am still in the throes of photo editing. I’m not too sure about the Picture Window programme for some things. The RAW converter seems OK, but I find myself heading back to Photoshop once it’s converted. I suppose it’s a case of familiarity with it. I have managed to do some batch conversions in PW, but the latest ones did not come out too well, so I’m back to doing them individually – not the speediest of tasks. Consequently, I’ve decided to try Elements again, and I see they have now released version 8. But I have a version 7 trial installed so I will try and get to grips with that and see how I get on. It seems to do most things I want to do without having to have the full PS, although I will probably keep that as well.

I can’t do anything at the moment, though, as I have finally managed to get my new hard drive installed today and I am currently installing my new copy of Windows XP Pro and all my other software. I’ve partitioned the drive and the extendend partitions are being formatted at the moment. It’s taking some time as it’s a 500GB drive. Windows XP went on without any problems, though. When it’s all done I will re-attach my old drive, move all the data across to the new drive and reformat it to be a back-up drive. I’m thinking of adding another GB of memory as well, just for good measure.

For some reason I was quite tired last week and had trouble summoning any enthusiasm for anything. I have been concentrating intently at work, trying to get the new website up and running, so maybe that has something to do with it. I have been sleeping OK, but waking up feeling as if I still needed more sleep. I even missed camera club on Thursday, which I was a bit miffed about. It was a practical night, so we were taking our cameras anyway, but we meet at a community club and they were having a bonfire and fireworks display, so I was hoping also to get some fireworks images. However, we left work a bit late, had our dinner a bit late, and it was raining quite heavily, and I was exhausted, so I didn’t go.

I suppose I really need to get back into my exercise routine, which has been sadly lacking in recent weeks, despite having spent a small fortune on a new piece of exercise equipment. We have used it, but not really intently enough. And I really need to get my healthy eating habits back on track as well – she says, as she downs a nice glass of the red stuff!

We had a bit of a crisis last weekend. Sunday brought quite heavy rain and high winds, which was blowing directly onto the back of the house. I went into the kitchen to find water dripping onto the floor from the point where the kitchen off-shot joins the main house wall. Thankfully, it hasn’t been as bad since, but we have to hope that it will soon dry out. There is some staining on the ceiling, which will have to wait until we can decorate.

Anyway, dinner almost ready, so I’ll close for now and hope that I can get last week’s photos sorted before too long.



  1. i’m only on elements 5 but then i barely use it. i only ever quick edit. really must read the manual eh.

    i hate leaks!!

  2. I’ve made up my mind to upgrade to a newer version of PE (got 5 at the mo); then I shall be able to use RAW format again. Now I’ve got to decide whether to get 7 or 8!! Decisions, decisions.

    Sorry about your unwanted wet stuff!! Scary things leaks…… Had to have some repointing done and consquently no more wet through the south-west facing wall!!

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