Posted by: digibirder | October 21, 2009

Plodding on…

I’ve been putting off a very important job for some time, and it’s become an even worse nightmare as a consequence. I finally made a start last weekend and it’s now looking a lot better. I’ve been sorting out all the images on my computer and filing them into proper categories. It had become a complete mess and although I can locate some images, I could see the day when the image folder would be so huge that it would be impossible to find anything.

I don’t really know if I’m doing it correctly – there are so many recommendations as to how images should be sorted. I am also deleting lots of stuff as I go along – photos that really should have been binned long ago. Once I have some semblance of order, I will then try and keyword the images. Theoretically, this should mean that they can all be in one folder and the keywords will find them, but I think I prefer to keep them in appropriately named folders as well.

While I’ve been sorting through the photos, I found some I’d completely forgotten about, and I certainly forgot to blog them – bit late now, though, as they’re a couple of years old!!

I have also bought a new hard drive, which I will probably install this weekend. I had to move quite a lot of images onto a spare partition as the original location was was full up. I thought I’d get a new, larger drive to give me room to expand the image collection without fear of running out of space and then use the current one as a backup drive. I would like to have a clean install of Windows, but we bought this computer ready-built and we didn’t get an original operating system disc. I normally insist on this, but it was cheaper than a self-build system and I did intend to purchase Windows XP at some later stage but never got round to it. For the time being, I will have to ‘Ghost’ this system onto the new drive and reinstall Windows later.

I am wondering whether to go with the new Windows 7 – a copy of XP Pro is about the same price. I don’t like Vista, which we have on our laptop, but I have read some good reviews about Windows 7. I held off when XP was launched until I was sure that all the problems had been ironed out, but this seems to have no real issues as far as I’ve read. Should I risk it?

My gym membership ran out in September and I decided not to renew. I hadn’t been for some time anyway – I tailed off following my operation and never really got back into it. At the end I think I must have lost out on the total cost for the year. I needed to go two or three times a week to make it pay and I don’t think I managed that overall.

But … we have decided to keep on at home in our makeshift gym. We have an exercise bike, albeit an old one that rattles a bit, I have a fitball, some weights, some resistance cords and a multitude of exercise DVDs. And now, the newest addition, our Aeropilates machine! This is really the bees knees. We saw it on QVC some time ago, and we found it again when investigating  another machine we were thinking about getting. We’d also trawled some local fitness shops looking for something effective that would fit into the room, but we came back to this one. We found it cheaper on Amazon, so it arrived a couple of weeks ago. It is rather larger than we expected, but it goes OK. We are still trying to learn the various exercises – there are a couple of DVDs with it – but we have made a bit of progress with it.

We haven’t been out for a couple of weeks. Even though the weather has been fairly good, we’ve either not really felt like going out, or we just never got round to it. In fact we’ve had a couple of rather lazy weekends. I want to get some autumn colour images, but the trees have not been quite right up to now. I think this weekend might be OK, though, so we’ll try and get out and about.

Every year Sheffield has a comedy festival throughout October. We saw Jimmy Carr two years ago, but the weekend before last we went with our friends to see him again, and last weekend we saw Tim Minchin. I’d never heard of him before, but the last time we went over to see our friends, they had a recording of a TV programme of one of his shows. When we found out he was appearing at the festival we immediately booked some seats. Both shows were good.

So, if we do manage to get out this weekend, weather permitting, I hope to have some lovely images of autumn leaves to show you next time.



  1. Oh well done you!! I’ve still not found a good system for cataloguing pictures but wish I had your IT knowledge so I could sort out my PC!!

    I’m sure if I went back I would be doing more deleting of pics than cataloguing.

    Hope you get your pics this weekend!!

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