Posted by: digibirder | October 4, 2009

What a week!

I think I’ve had enough of computers for now, thank you very much! What with the drive-partitioning nightmare on Monday, and Keith deleting important files from his memory stick, then my photo-editing disaster at home, deleting photos from my hard drive. Now I’m trying to get our work website updated and the new version of Joomla is driving me mad.

We already have a website created with this programme, but the version it uses is now out of date and needed upgrading to the latest version. I am currently testing it on a virtual server on my work PC, and it’s taking so long to get to grips with it. I am posting questions on the forum (thank goodness there is one) and just finding my way round it by trial and error. Anyway, I have more or less got the gist of it now.

I became so engrossed in the website today, I forgot that, due to the hard drive misadventure, the weekly back up would take much longer than normal, as all the files were on a different partition and would therefore need a full backup rather than the usual incremental backup. Consequently, I was at work until about 8.30pm waiting for it to finish!! Arrggghhh!!!!! I didn’t want to cancel the backup in case it caused similar hassles to stopping Partition Magic. I suppose it would have been OK, but I just wanted to see it through.

But, the saving grace was that I did eventually get my ‘lost’ images back from my camera, so here is what all the fuss was about. Having recovered them, I was wondering why I bothered. I had taken a photo that looked quite interesting. It’s not exactly sharp, but I liked the effect of the water (probably camera shake as it was taken in the shade of the trees. The remaining images were general scenes which are not really worth posting, and some images taken in the garden with filters. I haven’t really done much experimenting with the compact camera before, and I knew I had some old filters lying around that would fit the lens converter I bought some time ago for digiscoping, so I set it to black and white (in-camera) and fitted yellow, orange and polarising filters on. I think this technique needs a bit more work on a better subject.


And just to update you, we went back today to see if I could get any better shots. The light was different (the sun had been out, but resolutely stayed hidden while we were there), and I had my 40D rather than the compact, and I had it on a tripod with a cable release, so the shot is a lot sharper – probably not what I was after. I think I prefer the ‘painterly’ effect of the compact camera version.



IMG_0520I found this spot further up the river, which is almost the effect I wanted

We drove back into Calver and had a cup of tea and a piece of cake, then drove into Hathersage and I bought myself a jacket from one of the outdoor shops there.

I now need to sort out some photos for the camera club evening, which is Tuesday this week, as the room is being used by another group on Thursday. It’s a critique evening, so I thought I’d open myself up to some constructive criticism. I’m not sure what to take, but they have to be fairly recent images.



  1. I love the colours in these shots and particularly the “softness” of the last one.

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