Posted by: digibirder | September 30, 2009

And finally…

To finish off September’s offerings, I thought I would make an effort to get this next post up as soon as possible. I am really going to try and keep as up-to-date as I can in future. I had intended to make an evening of photo-editing and blogging tonight, but there was a bit of a deadline at work and Keith had to work a bit later than we thought, so we left late and decided to go to a Chinese noodle bar in Sheffield before setting off home.

I’ve also been having a bit of a crisis at work. The other day I needed to make some extra space on one of the hard drive partitions. I used Partition Magic, which I’ve used on a number of occasions without any hitch. The first set of procedures went OK, but then it appeared to hang so I had to turn off the computer. I wasn’t sure what the result of this would be, but it wasn’t good! I had ‘lost’ the partition with all the office documents on, which was the partition I was trying to enlarge as it was getting full. With some help from various Internet forums, I managed to unhide it again, but most of the data was corrupted. Luckily I had a recent backup, but I had moved some files off that partition in order to make enough space for the resizing procedure to work, so this was lost as the partition I had moved them to was also corrupted. I know now that I should have moved stuff to another physical hard drive, but having used the programme before, I wasn’t expecting problems of this magnitude. Anyway, we’re back to some semblance of normality now. I tried a file rescue programme, but the lost file are indeed lost for good, I fear. I downloaded a couple more rescue programmes today, but I will try them when my nerves have recovered a bit. Having said that, Keith managed to delete a file from his memory stick this afternoon (part of the rush job they were doing) and asked if I knew how to recover files. I took one of these programmes round to his office and it did a sterling job of finding the file and recovering it, so this programme seems promising. It’s called Recuva and it is free.

I wondered whether this programme would recover my lost images that I mentioned in my previous post, so the first job when we arrived home was to try that. The programme I tried the other day, which was included on a flash card I bought some time ago, did not work and I assumed the images were lost forever. I installed it and plugged in the card reader with the formatted memory card inserted and started up the programme. I decided to do a ‘deep scan’ and within ten minutes it had found and displayed about fifty images, some from a few years back!! But more importantly, my images from last weekend were recoverable. Yippee!! Not that they were that important, but it’s nice to know there is a programme that works.

Anyway, I’ll get on with my photography day out, the day after we returned from our weekend trip. I dropped Keith at work and carried on into the Peak District. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted or where I was going to go. I also wanted to look in a few outdoor shops to see if I could get a new pair of trousers for walking. Actually, I think I spent rather too much time doing this than taking photos! I stopped for a cup of tea and studied the map. In the adjoining shop they had one solitary pair of ladies’ trousers, but I did buy some new sunglasses. I also had a chat with the man about GPS systems.

Onward to get some images. I decided to go to Lathkill Dale first of all, as I knew this area was very picturesque. I parked at Over Haddon and walked down to the bridge and then back to the village following the river. There were a few people about, as it was a very pleasant day, but mostly I had the place to myself. After this I more or less drove around aimlessly, looking for vantage points and good subjects, but it is a bit difficult to drive and look for scenic images at the same time.

I ended up in Bakewell, where I sat in the car and had my sandwich before taking a stroll around the town. I called in a tea shop for a scone and cup of tea then wandered back to the car. I then drove up to Longshaw and Padley Gorge and, after an ice-cream from the regular van there, I wandered down to the river and took a few shots. By this time it had become quite windy, and I was quite tired,  so I contacted Keith to arrange to pick him up from work and head home.

In the end I didn’t get many photos. I think I need to pre-plan where to go and what images I am trying to achieve, rather than wander around aimlessly. Here are a few of the day’s images.



IMG_0481I sat for some time watching a family of Coot on the river


IMG_0490One of several weirs along the river

IMG_0493I quite liked the colour and patterns of the water

IMG_0501Old stone bridge in Over Haddon

IMG_0505River at Bakewell

A few weeks ago, following my course at Malham with Yorkshire Photography Holidays, I bought some neutral density graduated filters, so I decided to try them out at Padley Gorge. They are supposed to tone down a bright sky so that exposure looks more even across the whole image. I think I may need some work on my technique.

IMG_0507Without filter

IMG_0511With filter

IMG_0514Without filter

IMG_0515With filter

So there’s another trip done. Almost up-to-date now. Just my recovered images to edit again and we’re set!



  1. Well done for the catch-up Digi! Some lovely pics of your meanderings. You certainly do live in a beautiful part of the country.

    Glad to hear you recovered your files OK (but maddening about the work situation!).

    The last pic does seem to benefit from the filter.

    • Thanks, Tricia. The Peak District is very nice. I’ll be happy to show you round sometime, if you ever manage to make it oop north.

      Re work: at least we had most of it on a backup so we’re not in too much doodoo.

      I’m quite liking the filters – will try and get a bit more practice in this weekend, if it’s fine.

      • not sure trish’s whippet jabs are up to date.

      • Hi Di – sorry I haven’t come back to you before this. Thanks for the offer of being my guide and I’d love to come up sometime – just don’t know when that would be at this point in time. I’m not so well organised with planning trips away – unlike someone that I could mention 😀

        Whippet jabs? Am I missing something?

  2. the filter works. query was the camera on identical settings? i ought to buy some really. polarising for a start!

    • Can’t remember the exact settings now, will have a look at home later, but Dorcas said to set the exposure without the filter, then switch to manual and then insert the filter (I have the square ones that need an adapter – I’ll give more details in another post). So, effectively, the exposure would be identical in both images.

      I have a polarising filter on my 10-20 zoom, and have just ordered one for my travel zoom. Go to Amazon for those – they are a lot cheaper than in photographic stores. The square filters are from SRB-Griturn. They are their own make but they also make them for other companies. I’ll let you know more details if you wish.

  3. You are a computer wiz! I would’ve been so rattled I couldn’t have figured it all out! Congrats there!

    • Thanks, starr. Well, I do have a computer technician qualification, so I should be able to work these things out, but it’s more for the hardware side of things, rather than software. I can usually get by, though. I really shouldn’t have stopped the procedure – that was my downfall.

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