Posted by: digibirder | August 12, 2009

All’s well

It’s just that I am in my usual ‘catch up’ mode again!

I managed to recover enough to go on the photo course day with Dorcas of Yorkshire Photography Holidays and a great day it was, too, despite the weather. I have lots of photos from the day, but I am still in the process of editing them, as they were taken in RAW format and I’ve been searching for an image editing program that will read this new version of RAW. The 10D RAW file extension was .crw but this one is .cr2 and Photoshop CS2 won’t recognise them. As it’s not an original copy, I can’t get the updates so I will have to abandon it. The Digital Photo Professional that came with the camera will convert them, but I’m not too keen on it. I’ve downloaded and tried one or two other RAW viewers and converters, but not managed to find one I can get on with.

I was thinking I may have to buy the latest PS Elements, not being able to afford the full PS, but then remembered a program I bought some time ago that was quite good, called Picture Window, and discovered that I am eligible to upgrade to the latest version for a mere $45. I only stopped using it because I ‘acquired’ Photoshop and carried on with that. I have yet to install the new program, but I am going to do that this week and get on with sorting all these photos. I’ve been out again taking more photos as well, so I have quite a collection to get through now.

What with catching up with some housework as well, it’s going to be a busy weekend!



  1. Great that you recovered to go on the course Digi – look forward to hearing about it 😀

  2. Just to add; I empathise with your frustration about PE Elements not reading your new RAW files. I’ve had this problem with going to the 50D. PE Elements 5 will read the 20D – no probs but it won’t read the 50D. Whilst there’s a plug in, you need version 6+ for it to work.

    I agree about the software that comes with the camera – I don’t like it either. So, until I’ve sourced some better software, I’m avoiding using RAW 😦

  3. Sorry to hear about the FP – dreadfully diabiliating…horrid too.
    Glad you are both feelng somewhat better!

    Chicken and seafood have to be vvvcareful!

    I’m so far behind with my blog I’ll meet myself coming home soon!

  4. Tricia: I’ll get that new program and start editing the photos soon. Hope I can get the hang of it again, and especially in the new version, after all this time with Photoshop. I haven’t really used Elements so that would have been a learning curve too, but I suppose it’s similar in some respects to the full PS, being from the same stable. I was going to get version 7 – Keith uses Elements but he only has version 2, which I think came with his camera.

    Corinna: Thanks, we are much better now. It was a real surprise, as it really did appear to be well cooked. It seems that life just gets in the way of blogging sometimes. I do a fair bit that I could blog about, but then it suddenly becomes old news and things just get sent to the back of the pile until they’re not worth mentioning.

  5. digi i posted a link to some free software the other day. Gimp is meant to be very good

  6. Yes, saw that Pete, and I did check up on Gimp as well as a few other programs, but I think it is a bit restrictive in some aspects compared to others.

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