Posted by: digibirder | July 31, 2009


Well, after a couple of days off sick with food poisoning, I thought today, being officially off work, I would get out and about for more camera testing. I felt a bit better yesterday, even though I’ve not had much food to speak of since Tuesday. But this morning I developed the ‘runs’ – big time!!

I was going to drop Keith at the train station (he went back to work yesterday and seems even more improved today) so that I had the car, but there is no way I want to leave the house at the moment. I have taken some Imodium and something to replace lost salts and fluids, but this is now becoming rather tiresome. It seems to have settled for the time being, but now I’m stuck in without any transport. I suppose I could check out the local bus service, but I don’t want to get out and find I need to get back in a hurry!

I can only hope that I recover enough for my photo course day tomorrow.



  1. I hope you do recover for tomorrow – I’m keeping everything crossed for you. Hope to hear all about it in due course.

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