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Now behind again!

I didn’t manage to get any more posts done while we were away as we decided not to buy any more Internet access. We were too busy getting out and about so we didn’t think it was worth it. I have all the text prepared, most of which I did while we were away, but I still have quite a few photos to edit. And although we’ve been back over a week now, we have had to go back to work, unfortunately, and there are other jobs to be done, so this is taking longer than I thought it would.

To answer Trish’s question from the previous post, yes, I have been shooting in RAW format. And to answer a previous question about the polarising filter, it is the filter that gives the effect of a deeper blue sky. The one I have is a circular polariser which you can rotate to get the desired degree of colour. I keep it on the 10-20mm lens all the time, except when the weather is bad, as it does have an effect on the exposure settings.

Tuesday 30th June
Heard rain during the night, but the weather was fine on rising and again it turned into a fine, warm and sunny day.

Drove in to Oban again to do some shopping and check the opening times for the gym and swimming pool – we thought we would try and have a healthy holiday!. I posted the lens back and we looked in a few shops before returning to the site to relax and have lunch – cheese salad tortilla wrap. Later on we hit the G&T before firing up the barbie for the venison sausages and beef burgers we bought from the butchers in Oban. We washed that down with Redwood Creek Merlot. This, and the Cabernet Sauvignon we had the other night, we came across just before our holiday, so we stocked up with a few bottles of them and brought some with us.

It was a lovely evening so we sat outside under the canopy with a burner to try and keep the midges at bay. It seemed to work, although we had by now been bitten a few times. They are really persistent!!

Wednesday 1st July
Had bacon and eggs for breakfast, which were very yummy! We decided to try a local walk which involved a trail through a Forestry Commission woodland. This walk started just behind the campsite. It turned out to be quite disappointing, being mostly coniferous with not many viewpoints, so we cut it short and went back to the site for lunch. It started to rain on and off and then came a bit heavier, so we stayed on site and read a little and downloaded photos.

For dinner we had lamb steaks cooked with vegetables in a sauce in the Remoska cooker, with fresh fruit and crème fraiche to follow. We were very weary so we showered and had an early night.

Some photos from the walk. It was an overcast day, and being in woodland the light wasn’t too good either. Not too sure about the orchids, as our book isn’t very good and none of the features match the pictures.






Thursday 2nd July
We rose fairly early and had a long drive to Arisaig. On arrival we were in need of refreshment so we went in the café and had a scone and cup of tea. Afterwards we walked out along the small pier. The sky looked very threatening and it did, in fact, start to rain soon after we arrived back at the car. We drove on a little way to Morar, where a fair amount of Local Hero was filmed. We didn’t hang around, as it was raining quite a bit harder by this time. We then turned round and headed back via Fort William where we stopped for some lunch and a walk around the town, which actually turned out to be one main street – not very pretty or inspiring, so we didn’t stay long. It wasn’t raining when we arrived, but it came on to rain very hard and there was an almighty thunderstorm so we headed back to site. We were in a shop at the time, so we had to make a very quick dash to our car, which was in the car park. Only a few feet away, but we were quite drenched!!

When we arrived back at the site the tent’s sun canopy was bowing with the weight of two big puddles of water (at each side of a centre seam), so there must have been a bit of a downpour there too. We relaxed a while reading, then worked up an appetite with a Pimm’s and lemonade! For dinner we had vegetable pasta with a tasty white Chilean Chardonnay – only one glass!!

Some views in Arisaig – before the heavens opened.



On the way back to Fort William, there were some stunning views of Ben Nevis – the highest mountain in the British Isles – so we pulled in to take some photos.

CRW_5054Looking over the Caledonian Canal basin. Fort William is just visible through the trees on the extreme centre right hand side

CRW_5059Looking over Loch Linnhe to Fort William in the distance

CRW_5064Some yachts moored further up the canal

OK, I’ll leave it there for a while.



  1. it does look rather lovely.

  2. Wonderful views and pictures and thanks for the reply 🙂

    Reminds me of my holiday near Mount Schiehallion (Perth)and the very still waters of the loch! Looking forward to the next instalment.

  3. Valiant effort to keep up! Love those waterscapes- so peaceful with that glass water and the mountain looming!

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