Posted by: digibirder | May 25, 2009

Back to normal

Whatever normal is!!

So, my leg is healing well, apart from a bit of bruising still taking some time to go, and I’m back to full mobility. I may try the gym tomorrow, which will be my first visit in about five or six weeks. I’m certainly feeling the lack of exercise. I have been back at work for the past couple of weeks, but that consists of walking to the car, a short walk from the car to the office, sit at desk, a half hour walk for lunch break, more sitting at desk, short walk to car, short walk from drive to house.

So, as this weekend was promising to be nice, we decided to have a trip to the coast on Sunday. We don’t normally venture too far on a bank holiday weekend, but we both needed some fresh air and exercise so off we went. We planned a walk round Robin Hood’s Bay, a quaint fishing village on the east coast, and then intended to go a little further on to Whitby, my favourite seaside town, for a fish and chip supper. The day didn’t quite go as planned, as we didn’t get up as early as we would have liked, and I had a headache to get rid of. Then we got caught in a traffic jam round the York bypass. Then we couldn’t find a parking place in Robin Hood’s Bay. We searched around for somewhere to park and managed to find a place quite near to the campsite where we went a couple of years ago to test our newly-purchased trailer tent. This meant a slight change to the walk route, but that wasn’t a problem. As it was, we didn’t arrive until midday.

It was a glorious day and I was looking forward to getting some photos with blue skies! Just before we went to Prague, I bought a polarising filter, but I didn’t get much chance to test it as the skies were quite grey most of the time. But yesterday there was no such problem and I had chance to give it a good try out.

From the car we headed round the campsite and towards the cliffs. Then we turned northwards and walked towards Robin Hood’s Bay. It was very busy, but we stopped in the village for a sandwich and cup of tea and then continued up the (very steep) hill out of the village and rejoined the cliff path, which is actually part of the Cleveland Way long distance trail. We spotted lots of Fulmar wheeling around the cliffs, and House Martins, and a great view of a Peregrine Falcon just slowly cruising around above us – hardly a wing beat. After a while we turned inland and joined a cycle trail, which follows the line of an old railway, and headed back towards the village and then carried on a little further back to the car. As we were both quite stiff and tired, this being our first long walk for some time, taking into account Keith’s foot operation followed by my recent operation, we thought it would be too busy in Whitby, so we decided to head back home.

4949Looking down to Robin Hood’s Bay

4950A little further on looking back to the village

4954More sea and blue sky



  1. Ooh what beautiful shots Di and such a deep blue sky on the first one. Is that the polarising filter’s effect?

    Glad to hear you’re both on the mend; sounds like a good walk once you rule out the traffic/parking etc. šŸ™‚

  2. doesn’t the sun make you feel so much more cheerful?

  3. These are great shots of a fantastic costal area. We are looking for user submitted photographs for our new Whitby Guide and would like to invite you to send us some images. I look forward to hearing from you

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