Posted by: digibirder | March 19, 2009


Sorry I didn’t get back to you with my cliffhanger…  It’s bad news – I didn’t get the job!

We’ve been a bit lazy while Keith still has the wire in his toe, but he’s back at work now, although still hobbling about with the surgical boot on. He has a few more weeks until the wire is removed.

I had my gym regime reviewed the other week, as I seem to have hit a plateau, so I’ve upped the ante a bit. I’ve also ordered a couple of fitness DVDs and some equipment so that I can work out at home. My goal date (my birthday) is fast approaching and I am nowhere near what I was hoping to achieve in the six months of membership gone already, but I suppose I haven’t been as rigid as I should have been in other areas, such as my diet. We’ll see what the remainder of my membership brings and whether it will be renewed or not. Having done some more research into diet and fitness, I can see that I have definitely not been giving it my all. Although, I reckon that this regime would have worked wonders a few years ago, before the menopause kicked in. It’s so much harder to shift the fat now.

I’m also trying to keep my brain active – I’ve discovered Sudoku! It’s quite addictive.



  1. Sorry to hear your news DB – their loss!
    Good luck for reaching your target 🙂

  2. So sorry about the job! It is hard isn’t it to get rid of the menopausal muffin top! Sounds like you’ve made a bit of progress tho!

  3. Sorry you didn’t get the job.

    Sudoku – is a great way -when travelling especially on planes – I always make sure I have a book with me!

    Love ’em!


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