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In my pursuit of better health over the past couple of years, I have spent quite a sum on nutritional supplements and other products/treatments. What with the nutritionist, acupuncturist, a handful of counselling sessions, prescriptions, other products (such as my Chillow), etc., it came as a bit of a shock when I totted up my spending on supplements from only one particular supplier. This online shop operates a membership system, whereby you buy £50 worth of products from a set list and you then become eligible for 25% discount on any future products you order. This membership has just come up for renewal so I logged on this morning to see the recommended list that I need to purchase from. I couldn’t really find more than one or two products that I would class as useful to me, so it would mean buying stuff I didn’t really need to make up the £50 (the initial purchase last year seemed to have lots more useful products in the list). I decided to check what I had purchased over the year to see how much this was actually saving me, but I had quite a fright. Including a few things Keith has ordered (several tubes of shaving balm and a couple of pots of Vit C), I have spent over £700!! I repeat, this is from ONE SOURCE ONLY out of all the remedies and treatments I’ve tried! Imagine how much this would be if I hadn’t been getting the 25% discount. Many of these products were taken as trials, but they simply did not work to ease any of the problems I’ve had, so effectively a lot of this money has been wasted. I decided not to bother renewing, and I think I will be reviewing my intake of supplements to try to cut them down to the essentials. I’m feeling a lot better anyway, probably as a result of my gym regime, so hopefully I won’t need to take so much stuff in future.

A Short Outing
As Keith is still hobbling around from his toe operation, we haven’t been able to go very far, but last weekend we decided to go for a bit of a drive, as well as for Keith to get some fresh air, and headed for Sutton Bank, on the road between Thirsk and Helmsley in North Yorkshire. We only walked a short distance from the car, but it was still good to get out. It started off quite overcast, but the sun did shine eventually. We had some sandwiches in the car and then walked to the ridge to get some photos. It’s quite hair-raising getting up here, as the road has a 25% gradient – obviously not suitable for caravans, although a sign says that many lorries have become stuck trying to get up, causing blockages for other traffic.

Some views from the top of the ridge.





I also spotted some catkins and decided to try a few macro shots. These are the best I came up with.



Keith did try a day back at work last week, but it was a bit of a strain, so he’s staying off again until he feels a bit better. He really needs to keep his foot raised up as much as possible. We’re staying put this weekend.

The cliffhanger? You will have to wait until next week for that now!!



  1. awww c’mon. I hate waiting. LOL

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