Posted by: digibirder | February 28, 2009

February part two

Well, two posts in a month – whatever next?

We haven’t had any trips due to Keith still recovering from his op, but he is feeling a bit cooped up so we are going to try and have a little outing tomorrow. We were supposed to be getting out today, but it was a bit overcast and cool so we decided on a short shopping trip to see how he managed with the big boot on his foot. I think he’ll be OK for a short stroll round somewhere. Not sure where yet.

One thing I’ve noticed recently is that WordPress has done something to the image upload procedure and photos are not enlarging to the same size as they used to (even though I resize them to the same proportions I’ve been using for ages), and they also are not clickable if you forget to complete the appropriate field when adding them to posts. I’ve discovered the solution on the help pages, so I hope to get this sorted next time I have some photos to upload, which should be tomorrow with a bit of luck and fine weather.

At long last I’ve managed to get rid of my previous mobile network. I’d signed up to an 18 month contract with 3 and discovered that signal reception in some parts of the country was dismal to say the least. I spent two weeks in Devon last year and only managed to get a signal when approaching a nearby large town! Nothing at all on the campsite. Keith had a signal, and when we met up with Pete he had a signal on both his phones. Other people were wandering by with phones to ear, so presumably they were getting a signal. Mine? Nothing!!

Anyway, the new network (Asda mobile) came into operation a few days ago. It does appear to have a better signal strength showing on the screen when at home and work, so time will tell whether it’s the same in the far reaches of East Anglia or Devon/Cornwall. They use the Vodafone network. The good part is that calls are only 8p per minute and texts are only 4p per minute – far cheaper than other operators. I’ve decided to switch to pay-as-you-go so that if there is a problem I can switch more easily than having to wait for a contract to expire. The SIM card was a princely 49 pence!

3 didn’t like it when I rang to cancel my contract, and it took me an age to get them to do it. First of all, it was a problem understanding the Indian call-centre staff (Asda’s helpline is based in Scotland), and they are obviously on incentives to keep customers by whatever means necessary, but I was having none of it! I was offered a reduction in the monthly charge, an increase in call and text allowance, free phone upgrade. I tried to point out that these things would not help the poor signal, which did make the operator emit a slight chuckle before continuing to offer me the next incentive on her list. In the end I had to get slightly angry (not difficult when I’d been on the phone for 20 minutes and was becoming quite hot and bothered) and asked the woman to stop offering me incentives and just cancel the account, and that I wasn’t going to be persuaded to change my mind. After that she proceeded to give me the necessary details of porting my number, unlocking my phone, etc.

I’ve been on Twitter for a few days now, but I’m not really sure what purpose it serves just yet – sort of a mini-blog, I suppose. I’ve managed to gather a few followers, and there are a few people I’m following, including Stephen Fry. I should really have a look around for some other people who fit in with my interests, etc. Fellow blogger Kateblogs is twittering well, and Anna (silverleaf) is also moving on up.

Anyway, I’ll get off and get some dinner prepared and then decide where we’re going tomorrow. Oh, and I might have some good news for you next week, or it may be  bad, depending!! How’s that for a cliffhanger?



  1. fingers xed.

    vodafone are pretty good

  2. It’s always so difficulty getting out of contracts these days. I’ve been pay-as=you-go for years and never regretted it!

    I await your cliffhanger with eager anticipation Lol 😀

  3. Okay- You’ve got me hooked!

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