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Some folk update their blogs daily, others weekly. I’m lucky if I update monthly! If I could only summon up the energy and enthusiasm (and bloggable content) that others seem to have by the bucket-load. Anyway, onwards and upwards. Since my previous post we’ve had a few happenings chez digibirder.

The end of January saw us reach our 27th wedding anniversary. We were supposed to be going out for a nice meal, but that plan was put on hold when our employers informed us that we would possibly not be paid for February due to cash-flow problems. That has proved to be the case, although we have now received half of our normal salary, so at least we can pay the mortgage and buy food. We are, however, being careful with other purchases. Anyway, Keith bought me a nice bunch of flowers and we cooked a delicious meal in-house instead.

Due to the aforementioned job situation, I am now actively looking for another job, but this is proving a bit of a nightmare. I did get an application form the other week, and spent hours trying to figure out what to put, but it defeated me and I had to give up. I haven’t completed an application form for a few years, and I simply could not find the words to evidence my skills and experience. I blame it on this meno-brain I’ve acquired over the past couple of years! I just don’t seem able to think straight in certain situations, whereas I used to be quite logical and able to problem-solve and formulate opinions.

Keith went in hospital earlier this week. He has had another operation on his hammer toe, so he’s hobbling around with a wire sticking out through his toe. He was in overnight, as he had a spinal anaesthetic, but he’s OK now. He had a similar operation some years ago, but it didn’t quite solve the problem, so this is why he’s decided to have it looked at again. We’ll have to see how it is when he goes back in a couple of weeks to out-patients.

We managed to get out for a walk last weekend. Despite having to cut back on unnecessary spending, we decided to go up to the Yorkshire Dales again (seems to be a favourite destination), and on Saturday we headed for Ilkley. We usually pass through here en-route to further Dales destinations, but decided to investigate the walks within the immediate vicinity of the town. We started off by visiting the Cow and Calf rocks up on Ilkley Moor. From the car park, we walked towards the rocks, but there was still a lot of snow and ice underfoot, making it very hard-going. Keith wanted to climb to the top of the Cow rock; I did not!! The views were certainly quite spectacular. The path coming back down to the Calf rock was pure ice and needed great care to stay upright.





Looking back towards the car park

Looking back towards the car park


After this, we went down into Ilkley and parked on the bridge over the river. As it was getting close to lunch time, we wandered into town and found a little tea room where we had a warming soup and a roll and a pot of tea. Suitably refreshed, we went back to the car to prepare for the second part of our walk. This involved following the river and then the walk took us around the backroads of the town, mostly on minor roads, tracks, and a short distance through some woodland. It wasn’t that inspiring, I have to say, but at least we were in the fresh air getting some exercise.

The old bridge at Ilkley

The old bridge at Ilkley

Not sure what this was all about. A random sculpture in a field.

Not sure what this was all about. A random sculpture in a field.

Nearing the end of the walk. Looking back up to the Cow and Calf rocks where we had been earlier.

Nearing the end of the walk. Looking back up to the Cow and Calf rocks.

We’re just chilling out this weekend, due to Keith’s incapacitation. I only managed the gym once this week, as I’ve been fighting off a cold. It hasn’t quite reached epic proportions, but I did feel a bit too whacked to be pumping iron. I am going in the morning though, as I have booked a session to have my workout reviewed – perhaps to up the ante a bit. I feel I’ve reached a plateau in the weight/inch loss department.

I’ve had some relief on the hot flush situation by the discovery of a magic pill that helps to balance hormones. It’s called DIM, which I came across by accident some weeks ago. I managed to find a supplier in the UK, but I am ordering my next batch from the US site in the link above, as it still works out cheaper, even with the shipping added on. The flushes are not gone completely, but they’re certainly a lot better. I’ve had a few overnight and during today, but that’s probably due to the wine we’ve been supping! That usually makes it much worse, so I’m trying to cut down.

You may (or may not) have noticed in the side-bar that I have become a Twitterer. This is another of those things that I am not quite sure about (as with Facebook), but I am giving it a go. I’m told it’s fun! Feel free to follow me.



  1. Sorry to hear about your employer’s cash predicament – hope this doesn’t last for long!

    Stunning scenery and pictures 😀

  2. Glad to hear the new tablets are working! I can aprreciate what you are going through! Beautiful scenery of ilklly moor very picturesque. Got to you through pete by the way.

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