Posted by: digibirder | November 30, 2008

Still here!

I’m falling behind again, but truth be told, I haven’t had much to talk about lately. We did have a trip to Potteric Carr last weekend, but I only took a few photos, as there wasn’t much about, and I wasn’t sure whether to bother posting them or not. The primary reason for the visit was to see if we could find a Bittern for Dawn, as she’s never seen one. Also, Pete was in the Yorkshire/Lincolnshire area for a few days and he came along too. He’s been teasing Dawn for ages about seeing Bitterns so we really had to find one. They are pretty regular winter visitors to Potteric, and we have seen one on most of our visits, but it is a bit hit and miss.

Anyway, we headed straight for Piper Marsh hide, which is the most likely hide from which to see one, settled ourselves down onto the bench and immediately one of the chaps in there spotted a Bittern at the opposite side of the lake. Dawn was beside herself!! Not even wanting to put her binoculars down to get the ‘scope on it. Pete managed to get a few shots but I have already taken some Bittern shots there, so I wasn’t going to bother. After a few minutes I decided to change my mind, but had to change from the wide angle lens to the telephoto. Of course, doing this caused the bird to fly off!! Story of my life.

We decided to treat ourselves to a bacon buttie at the café in celebration before having a few minutes in Willow Pool hide. We hadn’t been there long when a Water Rail decided to come out and have a wander. My lens was all attached and ready this time.

Dawn had to shoot off, as her husband is not too well and was in hospital, and Pete had some churches to catch up on, so we parted company and came home to the warm.

Blue Tit on fat ball from Willow Pool hide

Blue Tit on fat ball from Willow Pool hide

Great Tit

Great Tit

Water Rail

Water Rail



In other news, I’m still going to the gym and I even think I’m changing shape already, although I haven’t lost any weight. I managed to get a pair of trousers on that I haven’t been able to wear for some months. My success has even persuaded Keith that he should consider joining, but he wasn’t sure that he would enjoy it. His idea of a gym was the old pumping iron malarky, but I convinced him that it was all state-of-the-art machinery these days and much more enjoyable, although you can pump iron if you wish. So, last week, he came along for a free taster session and quite enjoyed it. As I had only been once during the past week, I thought I should try and get there one day this weekend (to get my money’s worth as well), so we set the alarm this morning and managed to get into the gym at 8.30 – despite the thick frost we discovered on opening the curtains! Keith thinks he’s going to join. It’s certainly a saving being a member if you intend to go more than once a week.

I decided to stop the HRT patches altogether and I did not get a repeat prescription for the Prozac either, so I’m in a process of levelling out at the moment. The hot flushes are back, but they’re not as intense or regular as they were before, so I am going to persevere with natural remedies. The only issue I am not comfortable with are the mood swings. I keep getting these sinking depressions and they are really not nice at all. I still had them while taking the Prozac, but perhaps I did not take it for long enough, but in any case, there were side effects that I wasn’t happy with so I am not going to rely on anti-depressants. I think my problem is that I don’t give things long enough – I expect instant results! But most things take a while, especially natural remedies, so I will give them a good trial this time. I think the exercise is helping – it does help to release endorphins after all, which is the feel-good hormone.

We bought a new toy the other week – and very nice it is too. We were fed up of text running off the side of the screen on our old analogue set. It’s like being in the cinema. We thought at first that it was a bit big for our room size, but we are used to it now. We haven’t gone HD yet, but the set is capable of that when we do. It has built in Freeview, and even though we already have Sky+ it’s still very useful to have.

That’s all folks!



  1. some nice pics db. the light was challenging wasn’t it.

  2. Lovely pics DB – sounds like a good day.

    Know what you mean about expecting instance responses!! And I firmly believe that exercise is good for most things…. 🙂

  3. Hiya

    Well I like the Water Rail pics.

    Wish my knees would let me go to a gym!


  4. lovely pictures Diane

  5. whoops wrong address

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