Posted by: digibirder | October 12, 2008

I can walk!

Well, I could walk before, just very slowly, but I think I’m just about back to normal now. I went to see the chiropractor on Monday, who snapped my sacro-iliac joint back into place (which is what I suspected it was), but it didn’t appear to be getting much better as the week went on. I had three days off work to see if rest would help, but I did go back on Thursday, even though it wasn’t quite right. I was wondering whether another trip to the chiro would be necessary, but by Friday it did feel a lot better. There were still some twinges, so I wondered about bringing forward my next appointment with the physio, but then I discovered that there is a physio/osteopath/sports massage therapist at the gym I’ve just joined, so I thought I’d give him a go, as it’s a bit more convenient, and a bit cheaper. I went to see him on Friday and I have to say he’s very good. He gave me a good MOT and some exercises to do, so I think I’ll be cancelling my appointment with the physio at the usual clinic we go to, as I don’t appear to have made much progress with the exercise regime she prescribed. I’ll be seeing the new chap again next week.

I also went to the doctors yesterday morning, as I’ve been having doubts about the new HRT patches. I felt the stirrings of another hot flush come on the other day, and again in the early hours one morning. I also wanted to ask about these joint and muscle aches and pains, culminating in the recent back injury. We have some new female doctors in the surgery, and I had to see one of them as my normal doctor is off sick himself and it’s not known when he’ll be back. I assumed that she might be a bit more clued up about the menopause, but she dismissed the aches and pains, saying to continue with the exercise programme I’ve recently started, and more or less insinuated that some menopause symptoms are all in the mind. She told me to continue on the same patches for a while longer, but she also mentioned that certain anti-depressants can help with some menopause symptoms (especially hot flushes), and she thought that I was probably depressed. I admit that I have been getting rather down at times, and so I agreed to try her prescription of Prozac. If I get any nasty side-effects, I will be flushing them down the loo, as I did with the last ADs I had!

Anyway, we stayed at home yesterday and chilled out, but as it was a nice day today, we ventured out for a short walk. We drove out into the Peak District and headed for Chatsworth House. We were a little late setting off, as we hadn’t had a very good night, and it was just about lunch time when we arrived. We did not go into the house or formal gardens, but went directly to the café, where we had a rather disappointing lunch before setting off on our walk. The soup was lovely, but the rolls were hard and dry and the cake was tasteless.

We haven’t been to Chatsworth for some time, but I have never seen the car park as full before. It was very crowded down by the house, probably as a result of the glorious weather, but as we walked away from the house and into Stand Wood, there were fewer people around. We just wandered quite freely and took it steady, although there was one steep climb up a flight of stone steps that we hadn’t been aware of. The woods were full of birdsong and we spied a few Robins and one or two Coal Tits and some Long-tailed Tits. We exited the woodland and circled back towards the car park through the open parkland. As we neared the house and car park, we could see more and more cars coming in. I bet they made a fortune in car park fees, house and garden visitors and meals today.

Looking down the the house from the Hunting Tower at the top of the hill

Looking down the the house from the Hunting Tower at the top of the hill

A small herd of Fallow Deer - bad shot as I only had the compact camera with me

A small herd of Fallow Deer - bad shot as I only had the compact camera with me

The parkland

The parkland



  1. Digi – great news that you’ve rediscovered the art of perambulation 😀

    Sounds like a good walk – only been to Chatsworth once and that was years ago!!

    Know what you mean about car parking – was down in Worthing today and westwards all the way to Ferring was wall to wall cars – never seen this at this time of the year before! What a glorious Oct day!

  2. glad you are feeling better and hope the new physio at the gym can help you, staying active, going out each day and taking your photos and doing your blog also can be a help…hope the back cooperates so that you can get out and about.

  3. Just dont go mad with too much exercise too soon!

    Take it gently and like a “lady”!!!


  4. I’m sure glad that you are feeling a bit better- back thingie’s are a pain in the neck,lol. That sounds like a lovely walk- I like that fallow deer pic!

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