Posted by: digibirder | October 5, 2008

No pain, no gain

But this wasn’t quite the pain I was expecting! Having had a pretty good session at the gym on Friday morning (I even managed to get in before work, don’tcha know!), I was a little achy, but moving OK. I felt fine on Saturday morning, then in the afternoon we decided to do some house-cleaning (no trips planned due to a poor weather forecast).  I was spraying the inside of the shower cubicle, twisting slightly to get into the corner, when my back went ‘pop’ and I felt a searing pain go down my right leg. I don’t know if it’s a sacro-iliac joint slipped out of place, but suffice to say it’s not very nice.

I have been keeping up with my exercises from the physiotherapist, which were supposed to be strengthening my back muscles from some previous back problems, so I can only hope that this is not as serious as when a similar thing happened a couple of years ago, which I seem to remember was on the left side. I don’t think it’s as bad as last time, as walking isn’t nearly as painful.

I had a hot bath this morning, which seemed to relieve the pain a little, along with some anti-inflammatory tablets, and I have managed to go out today and walk around, albeit gingerly. I was going to try and get an emergency appointment at the chiropractors, but it did seem to improve a little as the day went on. I will see what tomorrow brings.



  1. Oh no Digi – sorry to hear about your back. It’s the dreaded “H – work” that’s responsible!! H-work should be avoided at all costs, IMHO.

  2. I agree with Tricia – h work to be done by someone else!

    Actually just dont do it on the w/e.

    Sorry to hear about your back – hope it heals quickly – might do if you have been strengthening it.

  3. Thanks T and C. H-work should definitely be banned! Still no better this morning, so I’m having a day off work and I’ve booked an appointment with the chiropractor this afternoon. Keith will have to finish work early to come home and take me there.

    I have to keep moving from chair to standing, to bed, to sofa, to walking about a bit in order not to stiffen up. There’s definitely something more than just a muscle strain.

  4. Sorry about your back problem digibirder, sound like it is worse from the comment above…hope the chiro can help you…backs are tricky things….thanks so much for visiting my site and explaining photography to me and I am still not totally sure what compression of Jpg is but I learned a lot from your fine comment and will follow up on the links you gave….I will bookmark this amazing site of yours ….I love the story below on the old farmhouse…well I wish I lived nearby and could help with your back problems… trouble is I am far away…cheerio.

  5. Thanks, IR. I hope you can work out your resizing problem.

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