Posted by: digibirder | September 22, 2008

What a scorcher!

It appears that summer has returned! We took advantage of another nice day on Sunday and went walking in the Yorkshire Dales again. We weren’t too sure that we would go, following the trials of Saturday’s bike ride, but we made the effort, if only to keep ourselves from seizing up. We decided on a shortish walk in Wharfedale. Even though it was a short walk, it was very tiring, partly due to the bike fiasco of the previous day, and partly due to the fact that on one particular stretch of the walk, there were quite a lot of stiles to climb over. Some were steep ladder stiles, some were narrow stones sticking out from the main stone wall, so it was very hard to get a foot-hold, and some were merely narrow slits in the stone wall, which necessitated some manoeuvring to get through. All of them were very awkward to negotiate.

I didn’t fancy carrying my big camera about, so I took the compact. What I didn’t check, as I hadn’t used it for some time, was that the batteries were charged! After about six or seven shots the camera switched off. I had the spares in the camera case, but it appears that they had also discharged themselves through non-use. Either that or I had forgotten to put them on charge last time I used the camera. Anyway, here’s the sum total results of the day.

Near the start of the walk at Hebden

The River Wharfe near Grassington

We stopped for lunch in one of the cafés in Burnsall before continuing the walk, and when we finished the walk, we stopped off in Ilkley to do a bit of shopping and had a wander over to Betty’s Tearoom for a piece of cake and pot of tea. Not cheap, but we thought we deserved it. All the other shops were closed by the time we came out, so we headed back home.

I felt a bit stiff this morning, but I’ve loosened up a bit as the day went on, which is probably as well, as I have the second part of my programme walk-through at the gym tomorrow! Oh to be fit!



  1. that is so irritating

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