Posted by: digibirder | September 20, 2008

Fit – to drop

Well, I had my programme walk-through at the gym the other day, and it was OK apart from the fact that my ‘fitness consultant’ had overestimated my fitness level somewhat, and he had to downgrade the weights on some of the machines! He also had to eliminate one machine altogether, as my bad arm couldn’t lift the bars – it was just too painful. I will have to have a word with the physio to see whether it’s OK to work through the pain, or whether it’s best not to strain the muscle even more. That session was the weights part of my programme – I have the cardio part next Tuesday.

Following our mystery bike ride last weekend (when we got a bit lost), we decided to try again to find Sprotbrough on the Trans-Pennine Trail. Would you believe it – when we reached the spot where we went wrong last week, we spied some brand new signs pointing out the correct route! They were certainly not there last week. The route was very pleasant, although a bit steep in parts, but we took it steady. We had intended to maybe stop and have a meal in the pub at Sprotbrough, but we did have a bit of a crisis on our hands! We had parked the car just inside the gates at Old Moor RSPB reserve, and we hadn’t set off until 2.30pm as we had to go somewhere this morning. We were almost at Sprotbrough when I suddenly remembered that they lock the gates when the reserve closes. It had taken us about an hour and a half to get almost to our destination, so we did a quick U-turn and headed back as fast as our already-tired legs would take us!! We managed it in just about an hour, and with five minutes to spare before the gates would have been closed! Boy, were we knackered!! Distance – 30km!!! Thankfully my posterior wasn’t as sore as last week, because we have bought some gel seat covers, which make the saddle much more comfortable.

So, we’ve now both had a soak in the bath and we are awaiting an Indian meal to be delivered. Then it’s time to sit and relax and watch Strictly Come Dancing, which we’ve had to record due to our bad timing.

Sorry, no photos today, but maybe tomorrow. We have planned to go into the Yorkshire Dales again, but that all depends on whether or not we can walk tomorrow!!



  1. Wow- Quite the professional site and what fabulous pictures! Looking forward to seeing more. Thanks for the link and invite!

  2. Thank you for visiting and commenting, starr.

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