Posted by: digibirder | September 14, 2008

And finally!

I hadn’t realised how long it had been since my last post. In fact, I haven’t been on the computer at home for more than a week. I’ve had a bit of a rest and caught up with some relaxation and couch-potatoing.

To continue. The week after our trip to Malham, we went a little futher afield to Swaledale in the northern Yorkshire Dales. This isn’t a place we’ve been to very often, and certainly not for some time, but one of the main reasons for this trip was to get some photos of the many Dales barns scattered around the landscape. I have seen many images of these barns and wanted to get some for myself. I’m not sure they’re up to the same standard as some I’ve seen in print, but they’re not bad. We came off the A1 at Catterick, made our way to Richmond, then along the A6108 before branching off onto the B6270, which I had read was the best road to be on to see lots of barns.

Near Low Row and the wonderfully-named village of Crackpot

A nearby stream

Looking towards Gunnerside

What a name for a house!

We stopped in Muker and took a short walk up the hill to get an over-view of the barns and then came back down to visit the tearoom where we had lunch. We then had a browse in the Swaledale Woollens shop, where the very helpful lady told us of some more locations to visit. I may go back one day and purchase one of the very lovely items of knitwear!

I think she thought she was scaring us!

Near Muker

Near Thwaite

Angram, on the road from Thwaite to Keld

We then drove on to Keld, which is not a very big village, stopped for a comfort break then turned around and drove back along the same road. We didn’t stop on the way back along this road, but kept on to Richmond, where we stopped to do a bit of shopping and have a wander round the town. We decided to visit Richmond Castle, as we are English Heritage members.

Views of the town from the Castle keep

As indicated in an earlier post, we had our bikes serviced the other week and we have finally managed to get out for a ride on them. Last weekend we did a short journey along the Trans-Pennine Trail near to Worsborough. It was quite muddy due to the many downpours we’ve had lately, and the bikes needed a good hose down when we got back home.

A graffiti-covered bridge over the M1 motorway (Keith in the distance)

Keith decides to come back to see what I’m up to!

Today we drove down to Old Moor RSPB, where we left the car in the car park and rode the bikes towards Sprotbrough, again along the TPT. This was altogether a better route than going the other way towards Elsecar, which we did last year on our previous fitness kick, but we didn’t quite reach our intended destination! The other day I bought a speedometer for the bike, so that we could keep track of how far we travel, with a view to gradually building up the distance as we get fitter. Anyway, due to the fact that we got a bit lost due the signage on the TPT not being quite up to scratch, we ended up doing about 19 kilometers in total! We ended up in a village we know, but we just didn’t recognise it and had to ask a local where we were. We then took the same route back and noted where we went wrong, which was where the bloody signpost was hidden from view!! I was extremely glad to get back to the car, having had to get off and push the bike up a few small inclines that I just could not manage. In addition, my backside was numb – I have to get one of those gel-filled saddles before the next trip!

We came upon these Puffball mushrooms alongside the cycle track. Keith wanted to pick one, but I am a little wary of picking wild mushrooms – it could all go horribly wrong!

Somewhere in the Dearne Valley – we were lost by this time

Almost back at the car – view over Old Moor reserve

In other news, I have actually joined a gym! I had my first appointment the other day to have a fitness regime worked out for me and had a little try out on a couple of the machines. Keith then wandered over from work and joined me for a swim, but we didn’t stay in the water for very long as our aches and pains started to flare up! Will we ever be fit and healthy again?!!! I have another session at the gym on Wednesday – for a walk-through of all the machines in my fitness routine. My routine should take one hour twice a week – one session on the cardio machines and the other on the weight equipment (as well as any swimming and/or exercise classes I want to attend). It was a bit daunting at first, walking into a gym full of healthy, sweaty people, but I soon got the hang of it. There were some not-so-healthy looking people there as well, so I didn’t feel too out of place. I have signed up for a year, so I am determined to make it work. Look forward to a leaner me!



  1. and you would have found me in a national trust tea room with a cup of tea, slice of cake and a good book.

    or failing that in a hide somewhere at Old Moor. I’m exhausted reading about that lot!

    oh you are fairly lean as you are.

  2. Me? Lean? I don’t think so – I just dress to hide it well!!

  3. Wow – you should be really fit now without the gym …… and I’m feeling a little tired too… 🙂

  4. lovely to see Swaledale again..been a long time.

    Boy all that exercise.
    Keep up the good work!

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