Posted by: digibirder | August 1, 2008

Ey up!

Happy Yorkshire Day!!

And the Yorkshire flag has now been registered as an official emblem.



  1. But did you get any pudding to celebrate? LOL

  2. LOL. Haven’t had a Yorkshire pudding in a long while. Mine don’t turn out that well so I don’t bother making them.

  3. What a confession!
    Even a southern softy like me can make a lovely Yorkshire Pud! Well at least I used to havent made one in ages.

    Whats your county bird then?


  4. Corinna, I haven’t a clue what the county bird is! I will have to look it up (assuming we have one).

    As for the Yorkshire puddings – it must be this oven. I think it has a leak. I’m sure I did make a half-way decent one once upon a time.

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