Posted by: digibirder | July 5, 2008

Devon – part 2

Monday 16th June:
A sunny morning. We lounged around in the sun for a while then went for a short walk from the site around Slapton Ley. This was my first real test of the Canon 100-400 zoom. There weren’t that many birds around, and not many dragonflies and damselflies either, possibly due to the gusty wind (which seemed to be a major feature of the whole holiday, it has to be said). After our little stroll, we went back to the tent for lunch (and a very large G&T!). After downloading the photos and editing one or two, I was beginning to think that the lens was pretty good so far, but overall I was leaning more towards the 300mm.

Having slept off the G&T we drove to a local farm shop to get some provisions for dinner. We wanted to try a recipe in the Remoska, so we bought some lamb steaks and some veg and made a lamb hotpot-type dish – very tasty and a nice change from salads. We also finished off the wine from yesterday.

Some of the photos in the previous post were taken today (pics 4-6: the wagtails) on the campsite, but the following are from the actual walk. Apart from birdy photos, the lens was also well-suited to close-ups of butterflies. The ones in the following photos were taken from a distance using the lens at 400mm. All the photos have been cropped to some extent, levels or curves adjustments made, and given a degree of unsharp mask sharpening.

Speckled Wood

Meadow Brown

Red Admiral

Black-tailed Skimmers

Common Blue Damselfly

Blue-tailed Damselfly



Great Crested Grebe

Not sure what this species is!! Dr Livingstone, I presume!

So, a few good ones, but I was still getting used to the handling and other capabilities of the lens. I was glad I had hired this one for a longer period, especially as one of the days was the day we travelled down, and I knew that would be a wasted day.



  1. some goods picks di….

    not sure about the last one tho

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