Posted by: digibirder | July 3, 2008

Devon – part 1

I thought I would try and get something posted about our recent holiday to Slapton in Devon, before it became old news, as is my usual habit. I still have lots of photos to edit, so it may take some time to get the whole thing down. We did, however, take our new laptop with us, so I at least managed to write the text as we went along. Unfortunately, we couldn’t pick up wi-fi on the campsite – I couldn’t even get a mobile phone signal except when driving into or around a nearby town. I say nearby – it was about 15 miles away. So I went virtually the whole two weeks without a signal. I went into the shop yesterday when I got back to work and complained, and he showed me a setting I could have changed in order to try and pick up another network! Wish I had known about that before.

For the first few days of the holiday I had the use of another lens rented from Lenses for Hire. This was a Canon 100-400mm zoom lens, which was a bit heavier than the Canon 300mm I hired a few weeks ago. It took a while to get used to the different zoom method to the one on my Sigma lens, but I soon got the hang of it.

Saturday 14th June:
We had packed most of the gear on Friday evening, so it was just a matter of loading up clothes and optics for Saturday morning, as we didn’t want to leave things in the car overnight. Awoke early, packed the remaining stuff in the car, and set off at about 5.30am. It was quite a long journey, but we did stop a couple of times for a rest and refreshments. One of the stops we made was in Taunton, where we visited Lakeland Ltd to pick up a Remoska cooker. I had read about this some time ago and thought it would be a good addition for camping as well as at home. It is very versatile, being able to cook most things that you would need to use an oven for, but it uses far less electricity.

We arrived on site mid-afternoon and did not take too long setting up the tent. We found a good pitch with a view of the sea and which was in sunshine most of the day. The site was not as busy as we expected. After pitching, we took our time sorting out the rest of the stuff before getting ready to walk round to the Queen’s Arms pub in the village for dinner. We booked a table, but as we were there early it was not really necessary as there were plenty of tables free. It soon filled up as the evening went on, though. We both had a seafood medley, which was on the specials board, and this was four different fish in breadcrumbs with potatoes and salad – it was OK. I had a Jail Ale beer with this, which was very tasty. We slept very well, as would be expected after such a tiring day.

Sunday 15th June:
We decided to relax on site for most of the day and recover from the long journey down. The weather was glorious first thing, but clouds gathered and it started to rain later in the day. We managed a short stroll down to the bridge at Slapton Ley and did get a glimpse of the Cetti’s Warbler, but no chance of a photo. We had to dash back to the site when it started to rain pretty consistently. It rained for quite some time but cleared up again later in the afternoon, so we drove into Kingsbridge to get some provisions and had a little stroll around the town, although most of the shops were closed, it being a Sunday. We found a small supermarket open so we bought a few food items and then headed back to the site and had smoked salmon salad for dinner with a nice glass of rosé wine.

I managed to get a few photos taken on-site with the rental lens. The following photos were taken over the course of the four rental days. More photos from the remaining days will follow in subsequent posts.

The view out to sea from the tent – lens at 400mm

Woodpigeon – a frequent visitor

Pied Wagtail – another frequent visitor and one of several, including some juveniles

Jackdaw, looking rather mean!

I love these guys!!

Carrion Crow



  1. nice photos though Di

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