Posted by: digibirder | May 25, 2008

Testing, testing

Today we went a little further afield and visited Potteric Carr, a Yorkshire Wildlife Trust reserve. The wind was still blowing, if anything even stronger than yesterday, so there was very little in the way of birdlife out in the open. We started out in the Willow Pool Hide where there are feeding stations in place. Various birds come to the feeders. The most usual are those such as the Willow Tit.

Slightly more unusual birds to be seen at a feeder are Carrion Crows. Obviously he couldn’t hang from the wire, so it was a case of stretch and grab.

At the Piper Marsh hide there were no Bitterns to be seen, but a Kingfisher was to-ing and fro-ing to the nest, but too far to photograph, unfortunately. On the way back to the cafe for lunch we came across this little chap.

While we were stood talking to a friend, this Robin was doing a grand job of keeping his/her chicks well-fed. Initially, every time I turned round with camera ready, it would fly off (story of my life!), but eventually I managed to rattle off a few shots.

And finally, yours truly with the Ergo Rest in action as a chest-pod.

I’m not sure what the itinerary is for tomorrow for my final day with the lens. Probably stay local again.



  1. they’re really good Diane. The crow picss seem a tadge two bright but they are nice and sharp.

    how’s the TC?

    how easy is the ergo rest?

    they open full size – how odd.

  2. I brightened the crow pics in order to lift the black a bit – it looked very dark. Black, and white, birds are notoriously difficult to expose correctly.

    The TC is good, but I didn’t have it on for today’s shots. I had it on for Saturday’s test, but removed it when we left Old Moor.

    The Ergo Rest is brilliant – I will be testing that with my Sigma lens today. I have to say that I think this may be the answer to my problem, but we’ll see. I will try and take some similar photos with both lenses and see if there’s much to choose between them.

    I thought I had mentioned somewhere in the text that I had edited the pics to be slightly larger when clicked. I probably thought about mentioning it and then forgot! They are still reduced in size from the originals.

  3. i’ll have to mention the ergo rest to a few people.

    the size is perfect now when you open them.

    tell me a bout back and white birds!!!

  4. Diane – your Ergo Rest looks brilliant and something that my be the answer to my problems too.

    Difficult to see from your picture, but is there a “frame” that just rests against the torso?

    Really like, and envy you, your Willow Tit šŸ™‚

  5. Those are some mighty lovely pictures!

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