Posted by: digibirder | May 1, 2008

More catch-up

Still a distinct lack of regular posting, I know, but life certainly gets in the way sometimes!

We’ve been continuing our house-sortout, but mainly we’ve been getting some decorating done, now that it looks as if we’re staying put a while longer. Nothing seems to be happening with the woman who was interested in buying, so we thought we’d brighten the place up a bit, and get rid of the mangolia paint. Keith decorated the office a little while ago, so we thought we’d get our bedroom done. Keith had a couple of days off work to crack on with it, so it wasn’t too much of a problem. We also made a headboard for the super king-size bed we bought before Christmas and I was in the process of making some Roman blinds to match, which has taken me rather longer than I thought it would, as they are the first ones I’ve ever made. I used to be quite good with a sewing machine, but I seem to have lost confidence in doing certain things – probably the hormones again.

The blinds are now up (and looking good), and I have also been making some matching pelmets (or at least trying to) to finish off the windows and hide the batten to which the blinds are fixed. I had today off work, partly to recover from our weekend visit to Minsmere in Suffolk (I’ll have to link to Pete’s site, as I did not feel like carrying my camera around), and partly to get on with the sewing, but things did not quite go to plan with the pelmets. The material is shiny and a bit slippery, so it has been a job to keep all the seams straight. Then, while sewing on the header tape, the needle broke and in trying to recover it from the bowels of the machine, I thought I’d broken the sewing machine, but I managed to get it going again. I was getting really stressed so Keith made me stop. I am almost there so it shouldn’t take too long to get them done. It’s been double-trouble as we have two windows in the room – well in most rooms actually.

We have managed to get out and about on a couple of trips recently. On my birthday weekend at the end of March we had a drive to Whitby. I have always loved Whitby – all my childhood holidays were spent there every year, and we always stayed in the same B&B. We headed first for Whitby Abbey, now in the care of English Heritage. Years ago, when we used to go, it was all open and free to walk round. I have been to Whitby a few times in the subsequent years, but never into the Abbey grounds, so we decided to have a look round and also get some refreshments at the tearoom!

An ancient coffin

View up to the Abbey and church from the other side of the river

After wandering around the old town, and purchasing some amber earrings to match some jewellery that Keith brought back from Poland, we had some fish and chips for lunch and then wandered back to the car for the journey home.

A couple of weeks later we decided to get out in the fresh air again for a more serious walk and headed to North Yorkshire. We parked at Rievaulx Abbey – another English Heritage property – and did a rather long walk in the local area – long, mainly due to missing a path turnoff which caused us to walk rather longer than intended! It was also quite boggy underfoot, making walking very difficult and tiring. On our eventual return, we had the obligatory visit to the tearoom where we had a delicious sandwich and cake for lunch, followed by a wander around the abbey. We were planning to also have a visit to the nearby town of Helmsley, but as we were a bit later than planned, and quite exhausted, we called it a day and headed home to soak in the bath and ease our aching muscles! It wasn’t a very bright day, but I managed to get a few photos.


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