Posted by: digibirder | March 17, 2008

Lazy days

We hadn’t been out for a few weeks, as the forecasts haven’t been too good. Actually, one particular Saturday turned out not too bad, but it was too late to do anything about it, and the following day was worse than the forecast, so we gave up on that one, too. You can’t win with these forecasts – better not to listen to them. Anyway, we cracked on with stuff we had to do about the house. Well, I say cracked on, but we didn’t get very far, and it doesn’t really look much tidier yet. Too much STUFF.

We’re still in two minds whether to move or stay. The house is currently off the market, but there is supposedly someone in the wings just waiting to sell her house, but that could take months. She lives on this estate, and did come to look here before buying her current house, but now finds the one she bought too small, so she came again just before Christmas. She has done the decorating she was planning to do, but hasn’t yet put it on the market. I think there are too many for sale already on the estate, which is putting people off. So, I’m not sure what we’re doing just yet. Playing it by ear is, I think, the order of the day.

A couple of weekends ago, we had some very strong gales which lasted a two or three days. We live on the top of a hill, so it’s quite bad when it blows. I had a very sleepless weekend, as the roof tiles were banging like crazy with the wind, and it kept waking me up (not that I sleep well anyway, with the hot flushes, but that’s another story). After waking a couple of times, I really couldn’t get back to sleep, so I decided to make a cup of tea and read in bed. All the time we could hear the roof tiles lifting and banging back down. Suddenly there was a louder bang and then the dreaded scraping sound of a tile sliding down the roof. The next morning we discovered that a ridge tile had come adrift and was in pieces in the back garden, having also broken a plant pot as it landed. Strangely, I managed to sleep right through the earthquake we had a few weeks ago!!

With regard to the hot flushes, I’ve been testing out a Chillow to help me cool down a bit at night. I’m not too sure about it yet. My sister bought it some time ago when she was menopausal (which she kindly told me lasted 10 years!!) and she gave it to me to try for the hot flushes in the night. It seems nice and cool at first, but if you’ve been using it for some time, it gets warmer and doesn’t quite do the job. Maybe it’s not as efficient because it’s old and, no longer having a need for it, she drained the water out of it and the instructions say not to. Perhaps I’ll try getting a new one, as it does seem to help a little.

I’ve been having a course of acupuncture to see if that helps with the menopausal issues, but I haven’t noticed much difference so I’ve cancelled my next appointment. I keep throwing money at these things and not getting much relief. The nutritionist was OK in some respects, and she did at least make me aware of some other issues that may be causing me problems, such as the fact that my adrenal glands are underfunctioning. I have not really been following her instructions for dealing with that problem, but I do need to get something done soon. I think my main problem is not enough exercise and I need to control my stress levels more.

We did manage to get out the weekend before last, for a walk in Lathkill Dale. Here are a few photos from that trip. I wasn’t feeling too well before we set off, so I only took my compact camera, but I did improve as the day went on. 


At the beginning of the walk, we came across this strange plant, which we later discovered to be Butter Burr. Just after finding this lone specimen, we came across a field full of them.


In the village of Alport there was this old sign warning people not to loiter or beg, so we moved on pretty quickly.


The River Lathkill, near the start of the walk.


Looking back down to the river as we neared the end of the walk. This was another of those days where the forecast had not been so good, but it turned out to be a lovely spring day. After the walk, we drove to Rowsley, where we visited Caudwell’s Mill and had a scone and a cup of tea and bought some organic flour to use in the breadmaker. We haven’t tried the flour yet, but I’m told it’s very good quality.

I think that’s all for now.



  1. Hi,
    Your photos are beautiful. I had a mini holiday just looking at them. Tky.
    I too was suffering from the hot flushes but I found the mood swings the hardest to deal with.
    I took a herb 10 years ago and found it again recently to help me. Please send me an email if you wld want to try it as it is from an MLM company and I do not want to put details here. (looks too much like the hard sell) but, these are great herbs. Hang in there.

  2. Rhonda, please feel free to post the details here. I have tried various supplements, including some from MLM companies, but nothing appears to be working as yet.

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