Posted by: digibirder | February 23, 2008

More updates

I’m still trying to get some energy and life back, so here is another multiple update session. We have been trying to get out and about more, and for the past two weekends we’ve had trips up into the Yorkshire Dales. We are still hoping to get out this weekend, but it’s not a great weather forecast. I think Sunday is set to be the better day, so we’ll see what we can do. We will probably keep it more local if we do go out.

You may remember our trip to Malham Cove at the end of last year. On that occasion the bad weather cut short our day, so we decided to have another trip up there a couple of weeks ago. It was a clear, sunny day, and we were a little overdressed, expecting a chill in the air, but the weather was quite spring-like and we ended up shedding our overcoats not long after arriving. Keith wanted to go to the top of the cliff and this was the main reason for getting a little warm! There are steps rising up the side of the cliff and it was quite a pull to the top, but well worth it.




At the top of the cliff, there is an amazing limestone pavement, formed by rainwater eroding the soft rock.


The pavement is made up of clints and grykes, where the former are the rocks and the latter the spaces in between. These fissures are home to many rare shade-loving plants.


The view from the top. I didn’t go too near to the edge!



We then drove round to Malham Tarn, which was quite still on this glorious day.


After a wonderful lunch, again in the Lister Arms, we headed back home to soak our aches and pains in a nice hot bath!!

Last weekend we went to the Dales again, this time for a walk around the Grassington area. It was another lovely day, but a lot cooler than the previous week, and there was some frost on the ground, so we were intially glad of the fleece jackets. After a pull up a particularly steep climb, though, we soon shed a layer. The frost lasted the whole day, only thawing in areas that had been in direct sunlight.


Linton Falls.


A little further along the banks of the River Wharfe.


A little mist over the hills.


Frost on moss on the shady side of one of the many stone walls.

And finally, for Valentine’s Day, I received a lovely rose from Keith. I had to take some photos, as we don’t normally do Valentine’s Day, so this was completely out of the blue. It gave me chance to practise with my macro lens.





  1. lovely photos Di. Isn’t it nice to get some light!

  2. Memories!
    Malham Tarn and Grassington! Your photos brought back many lovely memories!

    Ah a Red Rose so much more class – a single Red Rose!

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