Posted by: digibirder | January 28, 2008


Well, I thought I’d better show willing and post something, even though I don’t have much to report.

I haven’t been out much to take any photos. Lately, all I seem to be doing is trying to catch up with things in the house – things that I can always do ‘tomorrow’ but tomorrow never comes. I have a backlog of tasks that need doing, but with not sleeping and feeling generally ‘bleurgh’ all round, these things are piling up. And the more I find to do, the more overwhelming it becomes.

I finally (I think) have a diagnosis for some of my ailments (aside from the ongoing menopausal issues) – the nutritionist ordered some saliva tests a few weeks ago and I went to see her last week for the results. Apparently my adrenal glands are not functioning very well, which could explain a lot about my lethargy, moods, insomnia, etc. The past couple of years of stress and health problems have obviously taken their toll. I have to try and relax. She suggested taking up tai chi or yoga, and herbal teas with liquorice and ginseng, which boost the adrenals. I decided not to carry on seeing her, as it’s cost me a fortune so far, and it’s causing me more anxiety wondering why things aren’t working, so she didn’t want to recommend anything too drastic without being able to monitor the outcome. I don’t know whether she’s been dragging things out in order to get more appointments and commission on the supplements, but I mentioned saliva tests last September when I first went to see her (having read about it on the menopause site I frequent) and she said it may not be necessary and started down another track.

To help with the insomnia I am trying some relaxing recordings, and I sleep plugged into my mp3 player all night. I had to return one set of CDs for a refund last week, as it didn’t help and the bloke’s voice was really off-putting. The new ones, which were downloaded from the Internet, are far better, although we had a problem with the file download and had a to convert it into mp3 format. The helpdesk person was very helpful. I played it last night and I think I had a slightly better night than I have done for some time, but it may take some re-training of my sleep pattern before it becomes perfect.

I also have some more strange stories to tell you about. Listening to the news on local radio this morning, there was a piece about some idiot who tried smuggling 277 parrots over the border from the Ukraine into Belarus ON A BIKE!! There were six cages with 40-50 birds per cage. Amazingly, only two died. Note the bit at the bottom of the article about the Russian who was detained after trying to dig his way into Poland from Belarus WITH A MUG!! Can you believe the mentality of these people!!

I was then drawn by the links at the side saying “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing naked” and decided to take a look (as you do!). The best was “Nude man in gas mask at large“!! But do read the others – hilarious.



  1. On a bike? Holy smokes!

    Hope you’re able to get some sleep soon. I too suffer from insomnia from time to time, and it’s a real booger!


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