Posted by: digibirder | December 22, 2007

Catching up (again)

As promised, I finally got my act together and did some photo editing/sorting and here are some photos from outings over the past few months.

Lake District
Back in October, Keith and I went on a weekend trip to the Lake District. This was a repeat of a trip I took alone at the same time last year, when Keith was in the Ukraine on the work project he was involved in at that time. I enjoyed it so much that I promised we would both go sometime. It was pure coincidence that it turned out to be almost exactly the same dates. We stayed in the Applegarth Hotel, which is also where I stayed last year. I had hoped that there would be some autumn colour, but we were a couple of weeks too early, I think. However, the scenery in the Lakes is quite spectacular at any time, and it gave me ample opportunity to practise with my wide-angle lens, which has hardly been off the camera since I bought it. The weather wasn’t too good on the first day, but it did improve for the remainder of the trip.


The view from our room looking over the fells. This was actually taken with my mobile phone, as we’d packed the camera gear in the car ready to check out on the last day.


View over Coniston Water on a very dull day. We had pulled into a car park just off a very narrow road running along the eastern side of the lake and walked down to the lake edge.


An old stone bridge leading into the Langdale Pikes area. The cloud was quite low that day.


Further into the Langdale Pikes and I spied a rainbow in the mist. The light was amazing, but it never quite looks the same in a photo. You really had to be there.


Hardknott Pass – a very scary road in places, with single-track blind hairpin bends. We took Hardknott Pass and Wrynose Pass from Ambleside over to Ravenglass, passing through the Eskdale area, which is very beautiful, and somewhere we’d never been before. The photo above is looking back the way we came.


This photo is further round the pass, looking in the direction we have yet to drive into Eskdale.


Ravenglass estuary. This view is literally at the end of the main street in the village. We had a nice lunch in the Ratty Arms in Ravenglass, which used to be part of the railway station. Today, the area is home to the Ravenglass and Eskdale narrow-gauge railway.


In the hotel we had seen an information leaflet about a local walk leading to Orrest Head where fantastic views of Lake Windermere could be had, so on our last morning, as it was a lovely day, we decided to go and find this walk. It was a hard slog uphill, but well worth it.


We carried on to Grasmere, which is probably my favourite place in the Lakes. We had a tasty lunch in one of the many restaurants, and it was even pleasant enough to sit outside on the terrace. It was a very busy place, though. We managed to get into Sarah Nelson’s Gingerbread Shop, despite the queue.

Clumber Park
In November the leaves seemed to be turning enough for some photos, so we headed off to Clumber Park, a National Trust location in Nottinghamshire. Even though it’s not that far from where we live, I had never been here before. It’s great for walking and cycling.


There were a few leaves turning, but it wasn’t as spectacular as I would have liked. And the weather wasn’t too kind, although it did brighten up a bit later on. Taken from the bridge.


Again taken from the bridge, but looking the other way towards the church.


The church, and as you can see it has now brightened up slightly. We had lunch in the tearoom and came outside to a much nicer day.


A bit more autumn colour. This double avenue of Lime trees (two rows on either side of the road) is the longest in Europe.


It was a little windy, hence the out-of-focus look, and leaves were falling all around.

We haven’t really been anywhere to take photos since then, but I will end this post with some portraits we had taken in honour of our Silver Wedding Anniversary this year. The date of the anniversary was actually in January, but I was not feeling too good back then, what with the hormones and such, but I decided a little while ago that we should have some reminder of this milestone (or should that be millstone!!), and so I asked some friends at my camera club, who do this for a living, if they would mind taking a few snaps. These were some of the best ones. I put on my silver anniversary present jewellery and I had my hair and make up done, but the eye make up was a bit too dark. I had to try and edit the photos to make it a bit lighter, but I couldn’t do too much with it without making it worse. I managed to clone out a few wrinkles, though. The final photo is now displayed in a silver picture frame that my sister bought us as an anniversary present.





Ta ta for now.



  1. the landscapes are lovely. I was thinking the other week the lakes would be great for landscape shots.

  2. Ta. The weather does help, although I have seen some brilliant photos taken in bad weather. I don’t know how they do it.

  3. The Landscapes are lovely.
    I would think that you were pleased with the photos a lovely memoir!
    Glad you are blogging again I have resolved to blog more frequently!

  4. Hi C. I don’t know if I can keep up with the blogging. I seem to go in fits and starts. I have to say, though, I do feel a bit better and will probably get myself sorted next year (no resolution, though!!). I am back on HRT again (from my hospital visit last week), so that may have something to do with my feeling better, but I am hoping I don’t have to take it for long. I am really wary of it and don’t want problems to occur in the future because of it.

  5. I love the lakes, a favourite haunt of ours.
    Clumber park is on the list to visit some time.

    Congratulations on your silver wedding (belated).

    blog when you feel like it, the posts are always enjoyed by me.
    merry christmas

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