Posted by: digibirder | December 13, 2007

Hey ho!

Well, after thinking that I would get my act together and resume posting, my act swiftly fell apart again and I’ve hardly caught my breath, let alone caught up with updating the blog. In any case, it’s been so long since I last posted anything that I’ve completely lost track of what I should be updating.

I managed to get my sister’s computer upgraded and it’s going a treat now. She can’t believe how fast it is. I have a sneaking suspicion that the reason her old one was grinding to a halt was because she kept downloading stuff from the Internet to try and speed things up, which only served to slow everything down. I hate to think what was on that hard drive! This came to light when she rang the other day to tell me that she could not install one of her programmes – something to resize her photos (it does multiple images in one fell swoop). I had installed Photoshop for her, but she has never really managed to get the hang of it in the past (mind you, there are many things I don’t know about PS, too, including how to resize multiple images – although I do now) and always used her multiple image resizer. Anyway, she told me she had downloaded a couple of alternatives from the web, but she could not work them out. I went into a bit of a strop, having already told her not to download things from sites she knows nothing about. What did she say? “Well, they looked OK”!!!!!!!!

We are slowly working through the ‘stuff’ in the house, but it will take time. I am not really in the mood for it, truth be told. I continue to be up and down with the hormonal issues and I am off to the hospital yet again tomorrow to have this whole menopause thing sorted, hopefully once and for all. The hot flushes have been driving me crazy, although they have been a little better this past week (but only a little). It’s like someone suddenly puts the heating up full blast, and when it happens in the middle of the night the bedclothes start to feel incredibly hot and heavy and I have to throw them off and fan myself. The other night I fell asleep before I’d cooled off properly and woke up half an hour later absolutely freezing cold!! I think my overall body temperature is running a few degrees higher than it used to be, too. A sort of internal global warming. I have never worn short-sleeved t-shirts in December before!

I will try and find some time over the next few days to get some photos posted, although we haven’t been getting out much lately. It will all be old news, as usual.



  1. Oh geez, I feel for you!

    I have to throw the covers off quite frequently myself because I feel like I’m on fire. Then I’m freezing a few hours later!

    Can’t wait to see the pics!

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