Posted by: digibirder | November 26, 2007


At long last, we’re back online. There was a call the other day that our broadband was now live, so I unpacked the modem that had arrived earlier in the week and hooked it up and, voila, we were up and running within minutes. It took another week after my previous post to get the phone line back, and that was only when I looked on a forum and discovered the technique of emailing the CEO of BT. This puts your support issue up to the top level, apparently. I had a call the very same day from a nice lady, and all possible wheels were put into motion. The line was reconnected on 10th Nov, two days after my email, and we had no call out fee to pay, and we were given three months free rental as compensation. It was, apparently, connected on the 5th Nov as I’d been promised when I finally got through to the helpline on Sunday 4th, but when the engineer came out he discovered a fault in the wiring installed by the builders. I don’t know what caused this fault to suddenly appear when the phone had been working fine prior to our attempt at switching providers.

Having got the line set up, we then applied for the combined deal of Sky+, phone calls and broadband. We were recommended by a friend, so we got a free Sky+ box and installation and they get M&S vouchers. The Sky+ is great – no more DVDs or tapes to record a programme. It goes straight onto a hard drive in the box, and you don’t need to set in times, just highlight the programme you want and press the record button. And you can record two programmes at once, and still watch another recorded programme at the same time! Brill system.

So, there will be more posts soon, bringing you as up to date as I can, although I am not quite done with editing the photos! Sorry Pete. And, we are in the throes of a major tidy-up – getting rid of years of accumulated ‘stuff’ and making for better feng shui in the house. Keith also managed to decorate the office while the computers were a little inactive, so we are now in the mood to get other rooms done. I’m rather sick of the magnolia now!

I’m also in the middle of upgrading my sister’s computer, and it’s in bits on the office floor at the moment, so I need to get that sorted. I’ve been trying to get it done for the past three or four weeks, but haven’t really felt up to it, and then I had a quite horrendous chest infection which had me off work for a week, and then a gradual recovery over last week. I’m just beginning to feel better now, so I went over at the weekend, discovered a problem which entailed a trip to a local computer store, and when I returned and was ready to get back into it following lunch, there was a power cut and I couldn’t see a thing so had to abandon the task yet again. I brought all the bits home with me so that I could do it in my own time and not waste any more weekends trying to get it done in situ. She’s not that happy being without it, but if I can go five/six weeks without Internet access, I’m sure she can manage for a few days!

Be back soon!


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