Posted by: digibirder | October 3, 2007


I have now managed to add some more text to my previous post, which I have been struggling to do since posting. I thought WordPress was beginning to play tricks with photo uploading, page errors, etc, which was why I transferred my blog from Blogger. I thought the problems here were caused by some upgrading they were doing recently, but someone on their forum suggested that some people using IE6 were having certain issues. I have now downloaded Firefox and all is hunky-dory again.

You will also notice I have now changed the default header to one of my own photos. This is an Arctic Tern taken on Inner Farne on our trip a few months ago to Northumberland. Also, I won the recent competition at my camera club with this photo – it was voted best in the digital section and best overall photo of the night (we have large print, small print, slides and digital). Good job there aren’t many others in the club who take bird photos! Actually, it was an open competition – any subject could be entered, so of course I went for the nature/birds theme.


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