Posted by: digibirder | September 30, 2007

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Today we decided to have a trip to the seaside, taking sister along, who hasn’t been very far since she broke her ankle in July. We toddled off to Bridlington and it was a lovely day – quite warm and sunny, and we certainly didn’t need the fleeces and gloves we’d taken along expecting a gale to be blowing.

Also, it was another chance to test drive the new lens.

We hired a wheelchair from a local mobility centre, but we hadn’t noticed that the footrests were a little close to the ground. We hadn’t gone very far when we went over a bump in the pavement near where they were renovating the Spa and one of the footrests hit the ground and shot off. It had twisted slightly and Keith had a bit of a job trying to bend it back into shape in order that we could get it back on. Swipe me, if it didn’t happen again not half an hour later with the other one! We seemed to spend the first hour or so trying to mend the wheelchair. The second footrest would not go back into shape, so we found a kindly workman by the harbour who lent us a hammer and some pliers to repair the footrest.

After that, we were about ready for lunch, so we went a little further round the harbour to the Dolphin restaurant where we had delicious fish and chips and mushy peas. Mmmmm!!

Then, a little wander round the shops and by that time we were knackered so we headed for the car and set off home.







I love these big skies!


I see no ships!!


If you look closely in the photo above, there are about 30 Greenshank on the foreground rocks.



  1. nice shots. the light helps!!!

    nice to see K has a new job.,……

  2. Ta. Yes, the light does make it much better.

    I was trying to add more text, but I have had problems with the last two posts not saving my edits, not to mention the problems with images I seem to constantly get, which is why I moved from Blogger to here. It must be me, expecting these things to do stuff they can’t. Well, not simply anyway. They have upgraded their system, and I think there are still glitches with some blogs.

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