Posted by: digibirder | September 27, 2007

My new toy!

I’d been wanting a decent landscape lens for some time and was thinking about the Sigma 10-20mm zoom a while ago, but had been putting off buying it. Then QuackyBirder decided to get one and has been making me jealous with his latest photos, so I decided to bite the bullet. I think Quacky almost had a fit when I said I’d gone and done it.

So, here are a few sample photos from my first test drive to Peveril Castle in the Peak District. The weather wasn’t all that good, so the sky was throwing the metering out with the bright areas amongst the heavy rain-laden clouds. I’m certainly impressed with the field of view, although you have to be careful with buildings towards the edge of the frame, as they get rather distorted due to the wide angle.


View of the keep


Looking over Castleton


Towards Mam Tor


Castleton from inside the keep

Afterwards we decided to have a scone and cup of tea in a local tea room and were completely ripped off at £5.25 each for two scones with jam and cream and pot of tea. Round the corner they were £3.50, and it was a nicer looking place.

My rash continues to improve. It’s only itching very infrequently now, so I think it’s on its way out. Other pre-menopausal stuff is off and on, but bearable. The nutritional programme I’m on doesn’t really seem to be doing much, but I see the nutritionist again next week, so she may change it slightly. Sleep, I need SLEEP!!!



  1. skies are dramatic though!

    go to bed!!

  2. I go to bed, I get to sleep – that’s not where the problem lies. The problem is I don’t stay asleep all night. Most nights I wake up lying on my front and my arm is totally dead as I’ve been squashing it for goodness knows how long. Last night this happened twice. I don’t know how to stop this. Perhaps I am subconsciously anxious when I go to bed and I am tossing and turning all night, I don’t know. I am taking something to de-stress, but I don’t really think it’s doing much.

    It’s difficult to tell what’s working and what’s not, as some days I’m good and the next day I can be down again, whatever I take.

    I’ll shut up now!

  3. Red clover did it for me with the premenopausal stuff after trying loads of other herbs etc.

  4. Thanks, Mo. I have heard about that, and I think it’s in several menopause combination remedies. The one I’ve just started to try has Black Cohosh, Agnus Castus and Ginseng in it, with other vitamins and minerals. Only had it for a couple of days so we’ll see how it goes.

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