Posted by: digibirder | June 26, 2007

And yet more water!

The rains came yet again, and soon we were back to the situation we had a little over week ago with the floods and closed roads. At about 3.30 pm a colleague looked at the BBC website and said that we had all better start making our way home soon. By 4 pm we were out of the door and trying to get to the car, which was parked up the hill behind Sheffield station, luckily. However, getting to it was a different story, as they had evacuated and closed the station building. The river is culverted under the station, so I supposed they didn’t want to take any chances of structural failure. Needless to say all trains were cancelled, so it’s a good thing we hadn’t decided to take the train in that morning.

A slight detour over the other bridge over the station, and we arrived at the car and set off to try and get home. First hurdle was the Parkway. This wasn’t as bad as we thought, but it was still quite busy, but nearing the end at J33 of the M1, we could see that the motorway was also a bit snarled up. The alternative was to go through Rotherham, but we thought it better to stay on main roads. As we passed Meadowhall, we could see the fire crew trying to put out the fire at the factory explosion that had occurred a little while earlier (as if they didn’t have enough to do with the floods). At J36, which has become much better since the traffic lights were installed, there was a queue back quite a way on the motorway, the roundabout at the top of the sliproad being blocked by traffic trying to get towards Stocksbridge – a vain hope, as that road was closed. Why don’t these people turn on the radio and listen to the travel news?! So, we carried on to J37 which also looked a bit busy, so we ended up at J38 and came into Barnsley from the north. We had another detour as the police we diverting cars from the main road, which was flooded and had a car transported stuck in the middle of it! By 6.10, we finally arrived home.

We awoke quite early this morning, so we thought it would be a good opportunity to try and get into work before the rush started, and to take account of any still-flooded roads. So, after checking the travel news, and putting the wellies in the boot, off we go. We knew the motorway was closed, both where we join and exit, so we knew it was pointless trying that way, as we wouldn’t have even been able to cross over it on the A roads, as they were also blocked. We didn’t get very far when we encountered a closed road. I rang into work (it was 6.55) and said we wouldn’t be making it in, but then we tried an alternative way round. We managed to get into Rotherham, but wondered about getting to the Parkway, as the area around there had been evacuated overnight, due to a dangerously cracked dam wall. I think we would have been able to get through, but the traffic was already building up, and there were abandoned cars all over the place. We didn’t fancy another two hours stuck in the car in a jam, so we turned around and came home.

That wasn’t as simple as it appeared, due to the traffic now building up. Darfield was flooded again, so there was a long queue alongside Old Moor. And looking over the reserve, the new hide that was partially submerged the other week is now under even more water – almost reaching the roof – just as the water had subsided enough to reveal the surrounding paths.

At least the sun is shining today! Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me but the BBC South Yorkshire website has some impressive photos. Click HERE. Brightside Lane is the route we normally take from the motorway. It was more like a river last night. Some video footage HERE (several links). Meadowhall Shopping Centre is completely closed to shoppers, but apparently there has been some looting.



  1. I’ve just heard scary news about Ulley Reservoir on “The World at One” on Radio 4.

  2. Yes, that doesn’t look too good at all, and is why they closed the motorway as it is in the path of the water, should the wall go. Very scary indeed.

  3. It contains 150 million gallons of water!

  4. Glad you managed to get out and home safely, eventually. Have you drief out yet? Is it business as usual back in Sheffield or are parts still flooded?

  5. Holy smokes! I was looking at the pictures and that is a LOT of water!

    Stay safe!

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