Posted by: digibirder | June 17, 2007

Water, water, everywhere

It’s been a bit wet here recently, as you may have seen on the news. It rained solid for a little over two days and caused major problems. The first being, when we tried to get to work on Friday morning. Roadside drains were so full they were like mini fountains as the water had nowhere to go. Most of the problems were from overflowing drains unable to cope, not rivers, although some had burst their banks. On the travel news in the car, we heard that all the trains (that we sometimes catch to work) were delayed or cancelled, then it mentioned that the motorway we were about to join was backed up from Meadowhall right back to Barnsley! Just the route we wanted. Detour required. Took a turning that we knew would get us onto an alternative route – gridlocked. Out came the A-Z, found another back road – flooded and blocked by a police car. Back the way we came, another detour – gridlocked. Call into work and tell them we’re having the day off!! Then try and get back home.

We had been at it about an hour and a half by this time and we weren’t even out of the Dearne Valley. We tried for a different road back home, to see if we could avoid all the queues. I had a feeling that this particular road might have a problem, but we tried it anyway. Some cars were coming towards us so we assumed that it would be OK. WRONG!! There was an abandoned car facing us and a huge flood in the road. A van in front of us started to make his way through the water and we steadily followed, Keith thinking that it would be OK. We almost reached the middle part of the flood, and then noticed the torrent of water running across the road, coming from the raised fields to the side of the road. The van had made it past this point, but as Keith stopped and started to reverse, I noticed that the van had come to a halt, just yards from where he would have been OK. I was in a bit of a state by this time, thinking that we would be trapped, but we managed to reverse back to safety. The cars behind us also decided not to take any chances. Eventually, we arrived home and confirmed with work that we were staying put.

On Saturday, we decided to go for some retail therapy at Meadowhall, assuming that we could get there. It had stopped raining, but there were still closed roads. I had taken my camera along, just in case, and as we were passing Old Moor I noticed the new hide (which has just been erected in the past couple of weeks). They have been making new paths and opening up parts of the reserve that have so far been closed to the public, so I was looking forward to it all being open. This is the new hide.

I think it may be some time before we get to watch birds from this hide! The existing hides are also under water, so they closed the reserve completely.



  1. Looks like they might need to start hiring out wet-suits at Old moor!

  2. I was intending going to OM sometime soon, doesn’t look lie I’ll be getting there for a while!

  3. The water levels have reduced somewhat now, although I don’t know when this new hide was due to be opened. You can now see the banks with the new path leading to the hide, but there is no screening in place, so anyone walking to the hide would scare all the birds away anyway. I’m not sure how they were thinking of dealing with this, if indeed it is intended to be open to the public. I haven’t been for some time, so I don’t know of their plans.

  4. What’s the betting there’s some old birder still sitting in there waiting for a sighting?

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