Posted by: digibirder | June 4, 2007

Another little break

As it was promising to be a nice weekend, we decided to give the new trailer tent a road test, and besides, we don’t have an area of grass large enough nearby (other than to appear to be setting up camp in the local park!). Apart from practising, we also needed to distribute the other camping items from the store cupboard into the trailer, where they can now permanently reside, all ready for just hitching up and driving off, and leave more storage space in the house.

We set off a bit later than planned, just to make sure that the weather on Sunday was still good, as we didn’t want to be packing up in the rain. We had planned to go to a site near Robin Hood’s Bay, but Keith saw another one in the nearby village of Fylingthorpe, so that’s where we headed, and booked in for one night, despite it being more expensive. We are members of the Camping Club, but this was one of only a few non-club sites we’ve stayed on, and it turned out to be a lovely site. There are some nice walks from the site, and it’s only 15 minutes walk into Robin Hood’s Bay.

So here is the trailer tent as we had just finished erecting it, which only took about 15 minutes, even having to read the instructions as we did it. We then added a canopy, which was thrown in as a freebie, and side screen, which we paid a bit extra for (not shown).

These are the two sleeping compartments, one set up as a seating area with the built in framework. This was taken as we were packing up, so the panel that fits under the body to block the wind has been removed. Normally you can’t see the grass – it’s all sealed off from draughts.

All in all, this was much quicker than putting up the tent, which used to take about three hours from arriving on site to being able to make a cup of tea. We’d already had our sandwiches and cup of tea inside two hours, and that will get quicker as we get used to the procedure.

After we’d set up, we had a walk into the village and came across a game of quoits. They were having a tournament and were at quarter final stage, so we stayed and watched for some time, as we’d never seen a live game. It was quite an entertaining match.

In the evening we walked into Robin Hood’s Bay and visited the Bay Hotel where we had a lovely meal of goat’s cheese and salad starter, local fish and chips and I had a strawberry and champagne meringue roulade and Keith had a chocolate puddle pudding and custard. We took it very slowly back to the site, especially climbing back up the steep streets of Robin Hood’s Bay.

When we arrived back at the tent, we realised we’d forgotten to bring the pillows, but we rigged one up with the seat cushions from the other compartment. Not too comfortable, but we managed.

Next morning it dawned fine, but there was still some sea fret hanging on, as there had been the previous day, but the campsite was in glorious sunshine. The field we were in was closing at noon, so all the campers were busy packing up to leave. It didn’t take us long to put things in their place and fold the canvas back into the trailer, ready for off. This is going to be so much more fun than three hours setting up and taking down, especially when we’ve travelled a long way. And I think it will open up an opportunity for us to tour Europe, something we’ve always wanted to do.



  1. still looks like a tent to me! When you go to Norfolk in January……

    To me the problem is when you get caught short at 2 in the morning. No chance!!!

    my appraoch involves walkign from reception to room, and unpacking bag say ooh 15 minutes 😉

  2. You never learn, do you? 😉

    Camping is so much fun. And when you get caught short, there’s always a bucket handy!!

  3. Nice tent! My parents used to have one of those combi-camper things – wind a handle, pull out the bedrooms, and that’s it, done. They have a caravan now.

    I like camping. I don’t even mind having to get out of bed and walk across a field to go to the loo at 2am. 😉

  4. We had a trailer tent a long time ago, but it was hell to put up – lots of pegging, as the canvas went all round the trailer box. After a bad experience going to Devon (when we lived in Norfolk), we bought a caravan. When we moved back here, we had to sell it as we had nowhere convenient to store it, and we went back to a tent. This trailer tent is so much easier and quicker than the other one. I’ve seen those combi-campers – they are good. I think they cost a lot of money now.

    I’ve walked across a field to the loo in the middle of the night. In fact I’d rather do that than use the bucket! We normally pitch within a reasonable distance of the shower block anyway.

  5. Oh how I do envy you! I would love to go camping and in a tent like THAT no less! 🙂

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