Posted by: digibirder | March 16, 2007

I’m still alive

Well, just about!

Changed this thing to the new Blogger and lost some of the features in the right-hand panel. Bugger!

So, what’s new? Feeling a bit more alive than I was a little while ago. The menopause rollercoaster seems to be slowing down a bit, but I decided to go back onto the HRT to keep my hot flushes and mood swings more controlled. Still not sleeping too well, so feel like death most mornings. Still, worse things happen at sea, so the old saying goes.

Off to pick up a new (to us) car tomorrow. Same as the one old quacky-birder drives, but the model above his. When I sent a text telling him this he called me a ‘posh git’!! The huge Rover is just too heavy for us, with our bad backs. And we have also ordered a trailer tent, which we pick up in April. This is to save us the three hours it normally takes to pitch the tent and install all the accoutrements. These things go up in no time, and some of the necessities, like the kitchen, is already in place, so we can get rid of some clutter as well.

Still haven’t sold the house, although we have had a few more viewings. I reckon we’re in this for some time yet.

Hope everyone is OK. I do visit your blogs regularly, so I’m not totally off the planet. I will catch up and start posting and commenting more often, hopefully.



  1. mutter mutter

  2. Tee hee!!

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