Posted by: digibirder | February 5, 2007

It’s me again!

I keep trying to keep up to date, and failing miserably every time. So I suppose this will just be a hit-and-miss blog for some time yet, and I’ll update as and when I can or when I get the urge, whichever comes sooner.

So, what has occurred in the digi-birder household since my last post? Well, we’ve actually had some more house viewings (yes, we’re still for sale), but nothing positive yet. We did have one rather poor offer (mentioned in my last post), but refused this and they haven’t been back to us. Someone was passing the other week as we were unpacking the shopping from the car and asked if they could view, so we let them in. Probably a mistake, as the house was a complete tip! Then someone else came last weekend and they sounded suitably impressed, but so far have not put in an offer. And we have another viewing tomorrow night. So, it appears things may be picking up at last.

I’ve been perking up a bit health-wise. My back was repaired well by the chiropractor, although I still have slight twinges now and again, but it’s getting better. It’s worse after ironing, so maybe I should give that up. I was feeling rather depressed with all these problems one after the other, so the doctor suggested some anti-depressants, which did help, but gave me a few other side effects, most of which were menopausal symptoms that I’d just managed to clear up, so I soon stopped them. I’m on a more natural product now and these are as good with the added benefit of helping me sleep better as well – something the prescription ADs certainly did not do. The doc also referred me for some counselling, but I’m not sure whether to go ahead with this now (I’m still waiting for the appointment to be sent). I always felt that I could get over a lot of these problems if I could only have a decent night’s sleep. So, I have also been trying other natural remedies for menopause and have managed to control things to the extent that I’ve stopped the HRT as well. Only thing to get rid of now is this nasty rash on my side. Tried everything for that but the bugger keeps reappearing. It’s not itching all the time, so it’s not driving me crazy, but I just wish it would clear up. I’ve only had it since last June!!

We’ve had quite a bit of comeback on the crash we witnessed on New Year’s Day. First the police came and interviewed us for a couple of hours, then last weekend we had someone from the victim’s insurance come to take more details (another couple of hours). We also had some forms to fill in, but the chap from the insurers said he would take those back and refer them to his notes. We may have to go to court if it goes that far, as the driver of the vehicle who caused the crash is denying responsibility. Turned out that the victim had broken her collar bone. Her car didn’t look too healthy either.

My main news is that Keith and I celebrated our 25th Anniversary last week. We decided to sneak away for a quiet weekend instead of having a big do, so we ended up in a nice hotel in Dorset. Well, the food was excellent, and the room was very nice with a sea view and four-poster bed, but the rooms were a little on the cold side and the shower was more like a light drizzle, but it was very enjoyable. The weather stayed fine, if a little overcast, and we had a couple of nice walks and took a few photos. It’s the first time in ages I’ve felt in the mood for taking my ‘big’ camera out, so I really enjoyed myself. See some pics below. Our last day was the better of the three days we had down there, so we did a bit more sight-seeing further along the coast, stopping off in the Lulworth Cove area and then on to Corfe Castle, neither of which we’d been to before. Unfortunately, on the way home, we hit some roadworks, tried to do a detour to avoid the queue (along with millions more people), turned round and went back the way we came, and ended up getting home rather late. So we rang in the next day and booked another day off work to recover!

At the weekend we had a wander round Meadowhall at the weekend and Keith bought me a lovely silver chain and pendant with a small diamond in it. I was at a loss as to what to get Keith as he doesn’t wear jewellery and didn’t want a pen, or anything else. Anyway, today I went out at lunchtime and looked in a jeweller’s window and decided to get him a silver tie-pin, which he is very happy with.

This was taken on a walk along the cliffs from the village. You can see our hotel just to the right of centre.

At the top of the hill looking back to the village.

Some dramatic erosion. This is known as the Jurassic Coast – well known for fossil-hunting. We were watching Fulmars flying round, and a couple of Peregrine Falcons were keeping an eye on things.

After a wander around Lulworth Cove, we drove round to Durdle Door.

We also called in at Corfe Castle.



  1. Ah Durdle door so beloved of Geography field trips (its where I went).

    nice pictures. you’re getting there šŸ˜‰

  2. Well, I think I need more practice. Any tips?!!! šŸ˜‰

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