Posted by: digibirder | January 6, 2007

New Year – New Beginning

As this new year begins I thought I would make an effort to keep this blog more up to date. Not too sure how long this resolution will last – I’ve been here before a couple of times and then lagged behind again.

I am trying to get myself and my various health issues sorted out, with the latest installment being that the doc has decided I need anti-depressants. I am not very keen on the idea, but I’m giving it a go. I am not sure if it’s depression or just a low mood, but I want it to go, whatever it is.

Anyway, we went on a little jaunt on New Year’s Day to the Yorkshire Dales, visiting Aysgarth Falls in Wensleydale. The weather started out OK, and the forecast wasn’t bad, but it did turn a bit wet on the way up and we started to think we had wasted the day. We decided to find somewhere for lunch first, in the hope that it would improve later, and sure enough it became fine enough for us to have a nice walk, although it was still very wet underfoot.

As you can see from the photos, the river was in full flow. I only took the compact camera, so I didn’t try any fancy shots, but I did try to get the water fall to be a blur – almost succeeded but couldn’t get the shutter speed low enough without the whites getting bleached out.

We had a good day. It was dark and raining and as we were nearing home we were overtaken by a pick-up truck type vehicle, overtaking two cars and approaching a bend in the road, when another car came towards us and had to move out of the way. Shortly afterwards K heard a bang and looked in the rear-view mirror only to see the small car facing the wrong way in the middle of the road with steam rising from it. I quickly reached for some paper and wrote down the registration number of the pick-up, but he must have noticed what happened and, to his credit, he stopped and reversed to the scene. We turned round and went to give our details to the victims of this man’s stupidity. The cars behind us would not have seen the cause of the accident, just the woman’s car careering across the road into the side of a van.

There was wreckage all over the road and no other cars could get through for a while. The woman had been moved into someone’s car and people were trying to clear the road. Her car was still steaming and the whole of the bonnet and most of the engine compartment was gone. I saw the driver of the pick-up and couldn’t resist telling him what a plonker he was to overtake as he had. His response? “It would have been OK if she hadn’t panicked”. I could have hit him!! Anyway, having left our details we continued home to get warm and dry. A few seconds earlier and it could have been us, we were that close.

Another bit of news: we had someone come to view the house just before Christmas (two viewings in a year isn’t bad!) and earlier this week they put in an offer. It is quite a bit below the asking price so we’ve turned it down and hope that they’ll come back with something better. We are not that desperate, so we’ve decided not to fall for any stupid offer. His low offer could have been something to do with the leak we discovered on the day they viewed. Big wet patch in the corner of the living room ceiling. It’s not as bad as we originally thought – just the cistern of the en-suite loo leaking and running down the pipe into the floor space. We are just over the two-year builder ‘snagging’ period, but as my sister works for them she has managed to get them to rectify it. We have had so many snagging problems here it’s the least they can do.



  1. you don’t do things by half when you go out do you!!

    nice photos btw

  2. No, never was one for a quiet life. We have a visit from the police tomorow night to take a statement. It’s obvious it was this fella who overtook us who was the cause of the accident, but they have some conflicting statements so they want to interview us as well. The woman who swerved is obviously prosecuting him. Oh, and it turns out she has a broken collar bone. I was amazed when we went back that someone had taken her out of the car, unless she got our herself.

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