Posted by: digibirder | December 28, 2006


So that was Christmas, and what have we done. I’ll tell you what I’ve done – bloody well knackered my back again and can hardly move. Boxing Day, decided to clean the oven then tackle the bathroom/en suites. Got the oven gleaming and had just started on the main en suite. We have one of those Dyson super-suction-better-keep-all-pets-out-of-the-room cleaners, and I was vacuuming the bath mat when it attached itself to the nozzle like a limpet. Instead of turning off the power, I tried to wrestle it free, felt a pop in my back and almost passed out. I struggled through the pain and spinning head to get to the bed and just crashed out.

I had a similar injury during the summer, on top of all the other stuff I’ve mentioned in previous posts. It came on, I believe, from an incident when we were in Anglesey with a birding friend, John (looks like I didn’t blog this event). I was doing the driving as K had a bad shoulder. We had visited a secluded bay to see Black Guillemot, which involved driving down a very narrow lane with passing places. There were five of us altogether, in three cars, and on the way back out we came upon three cars coming down the lane to go fishing in the bay. John’s car and the car in between us managed to get through, but there didn’t seem enough room for our car so I started to back down the lane before realising that there hadn’t been any passing places for ages, and it was rather a twisty lane. Unfortunately, the people in the cars coming down the lane were refusing to back up, so I somehow managed to twist round and navigate down the lane rather a long way to a place where they could get past, with K walking in between the cars, as the front car was almost pushing me down the hill, he was that close. The annoying thing was, as we subsequently discovered, that there was a passing place only a few yards back from where we were first stuck.

About a week or so after this I had a ‘popping’ in my back and was in pain for quite some time. Thinking it was just a strain, I had a few massages at the chiropractic clinic (we attend now and again, as both of us already have weak backs). On about the 3rd or 4th massage, when I had a different therapist, she inspected my spine and thought it could be structural rather than muscular, and recommended I see the chiropractor. It turned out to be a displaced sacro-iliac joint. A couple of chiro visits and some gentle exercise sorted it out, but it’s obviously a weakness that remains.

At least this time I know what it is and can hopefully get it sorted out more quickly. I can get about OK, but very gingerly. Still get twinges when I move too quickly. Ice packs and rest are not helping, so it’s obvious it’s not muscular. So I’ve been hanging on until today when the clinic reopens after the Christmas break and I have an appointment with the chiro for 4pm today. I hope that sorts it – we’re off to visit friends tomorrow and I would like to get out in the fresh air sometime this holiday. We have hardly been out of the door since last weekend.

I am hoping that next year will be better than this one – a LOT better.



  1. I can’t wait for 2006 to be over for you.

    2007 can only get better

    Hope you got your back fixed x

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