Posted by: digibirder | December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

As I haven’t been posting for some time, I thought I should take the time today to wish all my blogging friends (and real-life friends in some cases) a very Happy Christmas and a joyful and prosperous New Year.

As you are aware from my earlier posts, I have not been feeling 100% these past few months. Things are taking a turn for the better now, after some false recoveries. I think I have to admit that it is probably depression I am experiencing now. I have always had some sympathy for people suffering from this problem, but not enough I now feel. I have discovered that the menopause can cause these mood swings and other psychological symptoms, so I am putting the majority of these episodes down to that, although I have had other stressful incidents to contend with over the past months, which have probably contributed to the overall feeling of doom. Obviously the HRT is not working too well on that score – review in February. I am taking some herbal remedies as well, but the hot flushes are still there – worse during the night, but on Saturday they were coming thick and fast during the day as well.

Hopefully the new year will bring a new mood and a new beginning.



  1. Have a hug, Diane. Hope 2007 is a better year for you.

    Enjoy your holiday. If I was you I’d probably spend it under the duvet with a dish of congealed bread sauce and the Quality Street tin


  2. HI!!

    The beginnings of the menopuase can be a real menace…I remember losing it with my class and then going in my office ringing the Deputy head and bursting into tears..most unlike me…fortunately that was a few years ago…and I seem ok now with out the assistance of any drugs or tablets other than vit c, kelp and cod liver oil!!

    Hope you are feeling better soon,
    Thank you for the card…I dont have a record of your address!! Been there but only cos Pete knew!!

    love to keith see you both birding soon I hope!!

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