Posted by: digibirder | October 5, 2006

Hi folks

Back again after my lengthy absence. I’m not sure how long this will last, but I think I am well and truly back in the land of the living. I hope that I can make more time to post, but it may still take some time to fully get back into the swing.

Had a bit of a stressful episode back in May (as I mentioned in one of my previous posts), which knocked me back a bit, causing a few health problems. First up was the possibility that I may have IBS, then I developed an irritating rash, then all sorts of mysterious symptoms, some of which scared me half to death. The trouble with researching symptoms on the Internet is that it comes up with some rather worrying results – not good if you’re already stressed to the limit!!

So I’ve been awaiting a colonoscopy to see what was causing the diarrhoea, which I had yesterday and can say categorically that I never want another one!! Especially the stuff you have to take as prep the day before – yuck. Anyway, nothing conclusive to report on that – everything seemed OK. Feeling a bit washed out today so had the day off work to recuperate.

Having said that, the diarrhoea had been easing off over the past few weeks, and the rash is all but gone. I have tried prescription medications, homeopathy, meditation, herbal remedies, etc. but as the stress levels have come down the ailments appear to be getting better. The homeopathy seemed to work for the rash initially, but then it came back. I went to see a homeopath, rather than self-medicate, and she decided to treat the stress, which seems to be working, although I was beginning to feel a bit better anyway by then.

The multitude of other vague symptoms were a mystery, until a couple of weeks ago when I had a strange hot flush – not going red or perspiring, just feeling very hot under the skin. Doing some more searching on the Internet, I was actually relieved to find that it was a pre-menopausal symptom. I thought menopausal hot flushes entailed redness and perspiration, but apparently this is not always the case. Along with this discovery was the fact that nearly all my other symptoms, including the mood swings and irritability, were pre-menopausal as well, along with some odd things that I experienced a couple of years ago and never discovered the cause. The initial stressor was still a problem, of course, and they say that stress can trigger the menopause if you are at that age (it can also trigger IBS symptoms). It never occurred to me, though, in my stressed state that it could be something so simple – I was going for the worst case scenario all the time! For any other woman going through this phase, I can recommend the Power Surge forums as an excellent source of information and advice.

The good side of this is that I have lost over a stone in weight (18lbs/8kg) and can now get into clothes that I haven’t worn for four or five years.

Anyway, the problem causing the stress has been addressed and I am now working to full elimination of the issues involved and moving on. Amazingly, I have been going to work through all this, which has helped in a way. I don’t think I could have stayed home, and I certainly didn’t want anti-depressants. I have also been out and about a few times, meeting up with a few friends for birding, etc, but haven’t had the impetus to post about anything. I took a few photos here and there, but my heart wasn’t really in it. So some of the things that have happened over the past few weeks/months may get a mention, but it may just be from now onwards. I really want to put this recent episode to rest once and for all.

Apologies to those of a delicate constitution – probably more information than you needed, but it’s helped to get some things off my chest.



  1. Good to see you back.
    Well I know you were going through it but – if its the pre menopause…I’ve been there and through that and out the other side and thank goodness for that.

    I think the pre menopause is worse then the real thing…I was so ALL OVER THE PLACE!! That was a few years back…I was diagnosed by my GP as mildly menapausal…so I waited for the whole thing – really scary…but it almost floated by…apart from the hot flushes…you really do want to fling your clothes off…and I am a control freak by nature!!

    Glad you are back with us!!

  2. Welcome back, DigiB. Glad things are getting better. Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks although you might have to remind me who you are, as I try and avoid slim attractive women as a general rule.

    PS. I got through that post without too much trouble but I really don’t mind if you elect not to do a retrospective of your other symptoms. Onwards ( with regular movements) xx

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