Posted by: digibirder | June 14, 2006

Back again

Well, folks, here I am again. After a very stressful period where I haven’t felt like doing much at all, and then coming down with intermittent ‘Montezuma’s Revenge’ for the past four weeks, I think I’m back on track. Still have the trots, so off to doc’s tomorrow morning. I know what his diagnosis will be, as it is probably the same as I have suspected, but we’ll see.

Anyway, despite all this doom and gloom, I did manage to get myself out last weekend for the much talked about Bempton Bash. I think all has been said on other blogs, so I’ll just settle with posting some of my pics for now.

My so-called ‘arty farty’ shot of the crab nets in the harbour.

Some crabs just brought in.

Herring Gull giving us the evil eye.

View from the harbour to the town.

Sunday morning at Bempton Cliffs.

Gannets on their nests. Beats me how they nest in such precarious places.



We came across this unknown, strange species at Flamborough South Landing on the Sunday. He seemed a friendly sort of chap, although prone to flights of fancy and flying off the handle. We took him under our wings and he appeared to calm down a bit, even buying us ice cream.

I think a good time was had by all. Nice to meet some other new faces, too.



  1. obviously he is a good sport…….

    lovely photos Diane

  2. Yes, everyone seemed to take to him very well.

    Thank you.

  3. Yes, lovely pictures.

    And a very enjoyable day!

  4. A southern vagrant, I think. There’s a good chance you could spot another up this way some time in August.

    I was hoping for a gannet chick. Did anyone get a pic?

  5. Michael did – somewhat blurry, but definitely recognisable.

  6. I did as well and will publish on my bog when i return from Cornwall!!

    eagles eye on life…see Diane blog …under Eagle (I think!!)

    its small and grey!! but they are!!

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